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Over the many years that we've been selling pickleball paddles, we have shipped paddles to tens of thousands of customers, and received literally thousands of written product reviews back on the paddles we sell. Our research and feedback from customers has shown that there are categories where there is a need for paddles outside those provided by our very much trusted manufacturing partners. So in 2014 we decided to fill in the gaps within the available products with our own line of pickleball paddles. Our design philosophy is quality at the very best price!

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Rally Meister Paddle Rally Meister Bundle - two wood paddles/four balls Rally Meister Beginners Set
Starting at $13.99

Price $19.99

Price $49.99

The Rally Meister wood paddle is cut from white maple with a high quality perforated, black cushion grip. Colorful orange and blue graphics are protected with satin varnish. Rally Meister Bundle- includes two wood paddles with premium cushion grip and four indoor Jugs balls Rally Meister Beginners Set -Four wood paddles, net, and balls.
This paddle is lighter than most other wood paddles and has a high quality cushion grip for increased comfort.

Heavy to Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip
Hurry, Sale ends soon.
This is a great option for those just starting with this sport. Two great wood paddles and four indoor balls.

Heavy to Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip
Hurry, Sale ends soon.
A great beginner set, everything you need to start playing pickleball (Posts not included).

Heavyweight/Small Grip
Rally Meister Wood Paddle Deluxe Bundle - 4 paddles/6 balls Rally Graphite Power 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Rally Graphite Power 2.0 Bundle
Price $67.99

MSRP: $69.99

Price $116.78
Rally Meister Wood Paddle Deluxe Bundle- includes four wood paddles and six green indoor PickleballNow balls The Rally Graphite Power 2.0 with polymer core and graphite face, choose from red, blue, green, or yellow in middle heavier weight for increased power. Rally Graphite Power 2.0 Bundle, two middleweight composite paddles and four indoor balls
Bundle includes four durable wood paddles and six indoor balls. This economical bundle will get you out on the pickleball court without breaking the bank.

Heavyweight/Medium Grip
FREE Paddle Cover.
This paddle is sure to give you the extra power you need with its polymer core and heavier weight. It's designed with the best features from top paddles. Great for players of all levels.

Heavyweight/Medium Grip

Hurry, Sale ends soon.
Two composite middleweight paddles are the perfect way to get on the pickleball court when you're on a budget Includes 4 Green Jugs Balls!

Middleweight/Medium Grip
Rally Graphite Pickleball Kit Rally Meister Set - four wood paddles/net system/balls Rally Graphite Power 2.0 Pro Pickleball Set
Price $136.99

Price $169.99

Price $379.99
One Rally Graphite Paddle, 6 Outdoor TOP Balls, DVD, Rulebook, and Bag. Rally Meister Set-Four wood paddles, portable net, and balls. Rally Graphite Power 2.0 Pro Pickleball Set - portable net, four paddles, four Jugs, duffel, tape and rule book
Bring the gift of pickleball into the lives of your friends and family with this handy starter kit. Set includes one graphite paddle, 6 outdoor balls, rulebook, DVD, and sling bag. A great beginner set, everything you need to play anywhere there's a hard playing surface.

Heavy to Superheavyweight/Small Grip
Hurry, Sale ends soon.
This set offers four middleweight poly-core paddles, plus all the other equipment needed to start playing pickleball!

Middleweight/Medium Grip Owners David and Anna Introduce Their Family Business