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Equipment To Help Grow Youth Pickleball

USA Pickleball and Pickleball Central are teaming up to provide PE Teachers, Youth Program Leaders, Coaches, Recreational Professionals and Ambassadors the type of quality equipment needed to introduce pickleball to our youth. The right equipment can make the difference in the success of your program. Here is the product made available at a discount to members of the Youth Program Provider initiative.
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The perfect set for teaching youth players Youth Program Provider Bundle

24 durable wood paddles, a variety of indoor balls and tape give program instructors the best tools for teaching youth players.

Price $466.66
Rally Meister Paddle (YPP) Rally Meister Paddle (YPP)

This paddle is lighter than most other wood paddles and has a high quality cushion grip for increased comfort.

Heavy to Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip

Price $13.99
Oneshot Juniorshot Series Paddle (YPP) Oneshot Juniorshot Series Paddle (YPP)

For kids who find a full size paddle difficult to use, the JuniorShot series provides a perfect alternative.

Price $44.99

USA Pickleball Assn's Portable Pickleball Net System (YPP) USA Pickleball Assn's Portable Pickleball Net System (YPP)

New Improved Design-The official Portable Pickleball Net System of the USAPA, this is the portable system that is used at National Tournaments. You can't go wrong with choosing this net system.

Price $169.99

Rainbow Balls (Mixed Indoor Balls) Rainbow Balls (Mixed Indoor Balls)

A rainbow of colored indoor pickleballs are included from Jugs, Onix and Franklin. Includes 5 6-packs in various colors.

Price $59.99
Quick Kids Practice Ball (YPP) Quick Kids Practice Ball (YPP)

This foam ball is great for drills and indoor practice Balls are not approved for tournament play but work well for indoor drills and practice.

Starting At: $3.99
TOP Outdoor Pickleball (YPP) TOP Outdoor Pickleball (YPP)

An outdoor ball that makes for an action-packed game. TOP pickleballs are one-piece competitive level pickleballs that can be enjoyed by beginners, too.

Starting At: $19.99
Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball (YPP) Onix Fuse Indoor Pickleball (YPP)

Exceptional seam welding offers greater durability and resists splitting. Ready to play right out of the box. Available in yellow or orange, 3, 6 or 12 count.

Starting At: $9.99

Jugs Indoor Pickleball (YPP) Jugs Indoor Pickleball (YPP)

One of the top recreational balls that helps beginners to enjoy the game.

6-Pack Price: $11.99

Lightweight Pickleball Net (YPP) Lightweight Pickleball Net (YPP)

If you already have some poles but need a net, here's an affordable way to set up pickleball play. It has black lightweight netting with a white vinyl headband.

Price $24.99
Barrier Tape (YPP) Barrier Tape (YPP)

This tape is 2 inches wide and contains 200 feet of tape, enough to mark a full pickleball court. The color is a bright orange to make it clear whether the ball is in or out.

Price $5.00
Court Line Chalk (YPP) Court Line Chalk (YPP)

A quick and easy way to mark out a court.

Price $0.99