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Wilson Pickleballs made by Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Pickleballs

Wilson Pickleballs are produced by Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleballs use a proprietary formula that is intended to improve their longevity as compared to other injection-molded balls.  The result is a ball that has long-lasting durability so that players can use them game after game. They also feature a patented design using 32 holes which helps the ball rotate evenly for better consistency in the air and on the bounce. TRU 32 Balls are USAPA-approved and made in the USA.
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Highly visible neon outdoor pickleball from Wilson, superior flight. Wilson TRU 32 Outdoor Pickleball

This outdoor pickleball from Wilson features a patented 32-hole design to ensure true and consistent flight. Choose from 3, 6 or 12 ball quantities.

Starting At: $12.49

The highly visible bright red TRU 32 Pro outdoor pickleball from Wilson Sporting Goods delivers superior flight and a true bounce. Wilson TRU 32 PRO Outdoor Pickleball

Reformulated version of the original TRU 32, optimized for speed and responsiveness during high-level play. Comes in an ultra-vibrant red color with high durability and bounce consistency. Choose from 3, 6, or 12 ball quantities.

Starting At: $14.99