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Pickleball Tournament Players Supplies

Tournament Players' Gear

Outfit your pickleball tournament supply bag with these deals for competitive players!

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Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Paddle is available in two grip sizes and five colors. Tempest Reign Pro Graphite Paddle

The elongated version of the outstanding Tempest Wave Pro offers greater reach with all the control of a thick-core graphite paddle.

Light-Middleweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $179.99

PROLITE Fuel Pickleball Backpack features adjustable dividers inside large main compartment. PROLITE Fuel Pickleball Backpack

This bag will carry all your gear in style. Adjustable dividers in main compartment make is simple to organize your space. Measures 20x11.5x8"

Price $79.99

Bantam TS-5, choose from blue, green, purple, red, yellow. Bantam TS-5 Paddle

A lighter weight and more maneuverable version of the popular Bantam EX-L will provide quicker speed at the net.

Light-Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $99.99

Bantam EX-L, choose from red, pink, purple, or blue geometric design Bantam EX-L Paddle

The specialized core in this paddle provides more power, control and quieter play for the multi-talented player.

Middle-Heavyweight/Medium Grip

Price $99.99

Plush Pickleball Microfiber Towel is available in Blue, Pink or Teal. Pickleball Plush Microfiber Towel

Quick to dry and highly absorbent, great for having on hand to stay sweat-free.

Measures 24 x 16"

Price $15.99

Helps maintain grip and control, and improve performance. Selkirk Tacky Towel

Improves your grip by making grips and hands moisture-resistant, without leaving residual sticky build-up. Uses a non-toxic, skin-safe formula.

Price $6.99

Temporarily Out of Stock
Rosin powder in a convenient shaker Vulcan Rosin Powder

Eliminate moisture and keep a solid grip on your paddle with this rosin powder from Vulcan.

Price $7.99

HEAD Headband, choose from black or white HEAD Headband

This absorbent head band from HEAD will keep your perspiration under control. Available in black or white

Price $5.95

Pickleball luggage tag available in 4 designs including pickelballs, paddle, LOVE or dink. Pickleball Bag Tag

Mark your court bag or luggage with eye-catching pickleball designs that will help them stand out and identify your gear.

Price $7.99

Pickleball Bottle Opener, choose from two colors Pickleball Bottle Opener

Proudly made in the USA, this laser cut bottle opener comes in two bright colors to show your love of pickleball! Makes a great gift!

Price $6.99

Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail, choose 60-serving jar or individual packets. Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail

Prevent muscle cramps and prepare for a day on the court with this supplement. Choose from 60-serving jar or 60 individual packets.

Price $44.97

Neoprene Paddle Cover 2.0 comes in blue, gray, lime or pink with zipper closure. Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 2.0

Give your paddle an extra layer of protection with this Neoprene cover. Generously sized to fit almost any paddle on the market. Side zipper. Blue, gray,lime, or pink.

Price $14.99

No-Sweat Diamond Grip, the same popular grip seen on the Titan paddle. PROLITE No-Sweat Diamond Grip

Diamond design improves traction and directs moisture away from your skin for an extremely secure feel. Rubberized cushion surface provides a soft, comfortable grip for your paddle.

Price $6.99

Zero Zero Two, Game On Sling Bag, choose from lime, pink, blue, or red. Game On Sling Bag

The perfect bag to tote your paddles and balls to the court, roomy enough for two paddles and a few balls. Two zippered compartments. Available in 4 color choices.

Price: $16.99

Armour Pickleball Pro Bag features five zippered compartments of varying sizes, with both backpack straps and a carrying handle. Armour Pickleball Pro Bag

This pickleball bag from Armour offers a roomy center compartment and 4 additional smaller, zippered compartments to store paddles and gear. Carry with handles or padded backpack straps.
Measures 24 x 12 x 13"

Price $59.99

Zero Zero Two Paddle Cover, side zipper closure Zero Zero Two Paddle Cover

Keep your paddle in top shape with a protective neoprene cover. Side zipper with contrast color trim. Choose from two sizes.

Price $14.99

International Federation of Pickleball-Official Tournament Rulebook Rulebook - Official Tournament, Revised January 2021

Every pickleball player needs a great spiral-bound reference book to have while on the pickleball court. The next time there's a rule debate, pull out this book to end it.

Price $9.50

Coach and player Mark Friedenberg's book - Winning Pickleball Winning Pickleball by Mark Friedenberg

This book is for all levels of play from beginner to pro. Readers will benefit from Mark's (Yoda) years of experience playing and teaching pickleball. Softback,179 pages.

MSRP: $29.95

Pickleball Journal: A place to record your training progress and goals. Pickleball Journal

Record your pickleball training, goals and progress all in one place!

Price $22.99
Super Tour Paddlepak Pickleball Bag from Wilson Wilson Super Tour Paddlepak

Created just for pickleball, this bag has two large main compartments for paddles. A Thermoguard lined pocket for snacks and numerous smaller storage pockets provide tons of storage options. 20 L x 13 D x 12" H.

Price $119.00
Aromox Inc Paddle Cleansing Kit, with spray bottle, microfiber cloth, and scrubber pad. Paddle Cleanse Kit

Cleansing kit for keeping your paddle looking and performing like you just bought it. Kit includes cleansing spray, scrubbing pad, and microfiber cloth.

Price $9.99

Heritage Shade Cap with embroidered pickleball logo, available in two sizes. Heritage Shade Cap

Get maximum sun protection in this lightweight, moisture-wicking cap features pickleball's founding year. Available in two sizes.

Price $30.99

High Tack Pickleball Grip, moisture absorbent.  Chosse from black, white, or neon, stars & stripes or fashion mix GAMMA Supreme Pickleball Overgrip

Tacky, absorbent overgrip extends the life of your grip.  Each package contains three overgrips.  Choose several colors and designs.

Starting At: $6.99

Rosin powder in a convenient bag Vulcan Rosin Bag

Keep a firm grip on your paddle and eliminate moisture with this rosin bag from Vulcan.

Price $4.99

Cushion Contour Pickleball Grip by Gamma GAMMA Contour Pickleball Grip

Your favorite Gamma Cushion Contour Grip now comes in the perfect length for your pickleball paddle, 31 inches will easily wrap you pickleball grip.

Price $7.99

Armour Pickleball Wristband, choose from black or white Armour Pickleball Wristband

Soft and absorbent terry cloth wristbands from Armour. Available in black or white. One size. Package includes one wristband.

Price $5.50

Attach this tape to the edge of your paddle to create the perfect weight. GAMMA Lead Tape

Easily change the balance point or head weight of your paddle with this lead tape. Simply peel and stick on edge of paddle. Package contains 72" of 1/4" lead tape.

Price $5.99

Stylish Premier Lite Adjustable Pickleball Hat by ONIX is available in your choice of black, orange, or white. ONIX Premier Lite Adjustable Hat

Light weight hat with vents and interior sweatband keeps you dry even during intense games and on hot days.

Price $34.99
VANGUARD Geo Grip by Selkirk offers superior comfort and hold, available in black or white. Selkirk VANGUARD Geo Pickleball Grip

High traction, superior comfort, and moisture wicking handle grip that was designed for Selkirk's premium VANGUARD line.

Price $9.99

The Tacky Pickleball Overgrips 3 Pack by Selkirk is available in black or white. Selkirk Tacky Pickleball Overgrip - 3 Pack

A set of three overgrips to add on top of an existing grip, or replace it entirely for a smooth and tacky feel; great hold.

Price $6.99

The smooth wrap pickleball grip from Gearbox is a flat and moderately tacky grip, offered in five different color. Available in black, blue, hot pink, red or white. Gearbox Smooth Wrap Pickleball Grip

A sleek and tacky grip that has an extra felt backing for added cushioning and comfort. Available in five colors, including blue, hot pink, red, white, and black. One per package.

Price $6.99