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Outdoor and Hybrid Pickleballs from Selkirk

SELKIRK Pickleballs

Selkirk Sport Brings Industry Expertise to Ball Manufacturing

Expanding their footprint in the world of professional pickleball, Selkirk Sport introduces a line of balls engineered to withstand the hardest of hits. The SLK line of pickleballs from Selkirk are engineered to ensure a straight flight pattern, while providing a true bounce and predictable rebound. Our own independent lab testing also resulted in above-average durability for each ball tested, so you know you're getting a great value, too.
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The SLK Competition Outdoor Pickleball by Selkirk is available in easy to see Neon Green, and in packages of 6, 12, or 100 balls. SLK Competition Outdoor Pickleballs

High durability ball with 40 hole pattern, reliable flight, and true bounce for competitive players. USA Pickleball approved.

Price $15.99

The SLK Hybrid Indoor-Outdoor Pickleball by Selkirk are visible Yellow balls and a durable option for consistent play on any court surface; offered in 6, 12, or 100 count packages. SLK Hybrid Indoor-Outdoor Pickleballs

A recreation-oriented, durable ball engineered for true flight and predicable bounce that can be enjoyed on any playing surface. USA Pickleball approved.

Price $12.99