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Response Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle
Response Pro Composite Paddle by Prince Pickleball, choose from 2 weights, 2 grips sizes and four colors.

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Includes FREE Prince Pickleball Hat ($15.99 Value)
Price $147.99

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Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Response Pro Paddle brings a innovative shape to the world of pickleball with its highly rounded design. This creates an exceptionally large sweet spot with a gentle touch that will keep your hold on the paddle firm. A thick polymer core generates high amounts of power in every swing while still making it easy to control pickleballs' speed and direction. This unique paddle was used by Simone Jardim during the 2018 US Open in Naples, Florida to win four gold medals, including the coveted "Triple Crown" winning the Open Pro Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Womens Singles events. .

The Response Pro Paddle has a 8-1/4" width and a slim edge guard to provide a large amount of usable space. Our testers have noted that this paddle has one of the largest ever sweet spots - consistent is performance across face of the paddle side to side, and tip to close to the neck. The Its handle is 5-1/2" long, allowing for impressive reach and plenty of space for players' hands regardless of size, and works well for those players that use a two handed backhand (like Simone). The paddle can be ordered with either a small (4 1/8") or medium (4 3/8") grip size and multiple weight ranges to best complement your play style. The face features a large "p" for Prince overlaid on a subtle zigzag background.

The Response Pro Paddle's broad face gives players ample opportunity to return any shot with a high amount of pop, control and speed.
Available in light (7.1 - 7.6 oz.) or standard weight (7.7-8.1 oz.), small or large grip. Colors choices are blue, green, purple and orange.
Please note: Blue and Red versions feature Simone Jardim's signature in the design, purple and orange do not have signature.
PickleballCentral Expert's Corner:

Reviews of the Prince Response Pro Pickleball Paddle by Pickleball Central Staff:

"I love playing with poly core/fiberglass face paddles that give me power, and the Response Pro offers a good amount of control for players who want a touch more power than you'd get with traditional graphite paddles. The control comes from its consistency. The Response Pro has lots of power for hard passing shots, serves, and deep returns. The ball pops off of the paddle consistently (but with power). The face gives me confidence to work a ball with spin. I found I could manipulate the ball extremely well with this grippy faced paddle. What really astounded me about this paddle was the speet spot. This paddle has one of (if not) the biggest, sweetspots in the game. It's sweet spot is both very powerful, and well distributed throughout the paddle because of its unique curved shape. This is an impressive leap forward in pickleball paddle shaping. The paddles felt really balanced, with the thicker grip feeling a bit more handle heavy, but the thin grip slightly more head heavy - that could be just some minor weight differences in the test models, but overall they play slightly lighter than they weigh. They are very, very easy to move around and whip into position for blocks and quick poaching putaways. I will be recommending this paddle to players looking to increase their power, while maintaining a paddle with lots of consistency in the sweet spot. To me this is one of the few paddles on the market that give you everything you want in a defensive paddle (great blocking, huge sweet spot when scrambling or hitting on the move) with everything you want in a an offensive paddle (power and hard hitting accuracy.) Overall, this paddle could help players from first day beginners to seasoned pros. Truly impressive."
Arne, Pro-Shop Staff (4.5 Player)

"I am a total paddle geek - I keep 3 or 4 in my bag at any time, and love the fact that I get to write about paddles every day for my job. I've been playing with the Response Pro for the last 3 weeks, and I have to say I am now grabbing it more often from my bag than any other paddle. It is a truly confidence inspiring paddle that has improved my game. I have traditionally been a fan of softer playing poly-core graphite paddles because they give me confidence on mis-hits and help me avoid popping up balls on volleys, third shot drops, & dinks. This paddle from Prince is the first fiberglass paddle that I've played with that gives me the control of a graphite paddle, while also giving me some of the power fiberglass paddles are famous for. At this year's US Open I got to play some rec games at night, and playing in the warm, humid, windy conditions, I found that the paddle gave me more power to play into the wind, but also gave me confidence on third shot drops and defensive volleys. The sweet spot on this paddle enormous, and also very consistent, with shots hit off center not suffering from less power, and shots in the center not being too powerful. I loved the fact that I could get this in a thin grip (I prefer a 4 and 1/8" grip), and it's weight range is exceptional. I prefer the 7.5 ounce paddle, but I have to say in fast defensive blocking drills, the paddle plays lighter than 7.5 ounces. I felt like I could whip the paddle around super fast on blocks, and it felt balanced in weight (not head heavy.) For a player like me striving to hit 4.0, I found this paddle a perfect game improvement upgrade paddle, and the fact that I keep pulling it out of my bag is a testament to how much confidence it inspires."
Edward, Marketing (3.5 Player)

"This is my favorite of the Prince Paddles. The longer handle creates a paddle face that is slightly smaller than the Spectrum, but results what feels to me like a truly maximized sweet spot. What I loved about playing with the paddle is that even my mis-hits (yes there were quite a few) ended up over the net. And when I hit the center of the paddle the ball jumps AND goes where Iím aiming. It gave me the confidence to try more shots that I normally would. The paddle has reshaped my game, making me a better and more assertive player. It feels good to be on the offensive side of the net."
John, Sales (3.5 Player)

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great Customer Service January 16, 2019
Reviewer: Dave Powell from Crescent City, CA United States  
I purchased a new paddle for Christmas. When it arrived it had a discoloration or a scuff on the paddle face. I thought I would email Pickleball Central just to see what their thoughts were. They immediately send me a replacement and a prepaid shipping label for returning the defective paddle.
I thought that was a great response! I am a fan of Pickleball Central for sure!

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  0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Nice Paddle - Needs Better Quality Control December 29, 2018
Reviewer: Jason Theis from Fairbanks, AK  
The paddle plays as expected:  Good control, nicely textured surface.  It is surprisingly thick, as well - likely upwards of 1/2" thick.  It is taking me a little while to get used to it simply because the ball responds much more acutely to paddle input.  
The fit and finish of the unit seems lacking to me, particularly for the price!  The paddle looks like it the final cut was free-handed on a band saw, and it is quite off-putting.  It seems to play in a neutral fashion (using one side or the other), but I would MUCH prefer a symmetrical paddle so that, if for no other reason, it would not annoy me every time I look at it.
PICKLEBALLCENTRAL RESPONSE: Thank you for your review of the Response Pro paddle. I appreciate your attention to detail and wonder if you could send me a photo of the asymmetry of the paddle. It sounds like a defect to me and we do have a 60 day return/exchange policy on all defective paddles. Thanks for your consideration.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great paddle (prince) December 25, 2018
Reviewer: John Hirshey from Joplin, MO United States  
I’ve tried several paddles and the Prince light weight is the best. I let one of our 4.5 players use it and she said I have to have this paddle and wrote me a check and of course I ordered another one.

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Game changer December 25, 2018
Reviewer: Edward from Florida  
This shape creates the most consistent sweet spot-hands down. It’s changed my defensive game substantially. Not as nervous with bangers as previous paddle. It’s face feels like the perfect graphite paddle imo-crisp with more pop than traditional fiberglass. Take the negative performance reviews with a grain of salt, it’s shape and feel may not be for everyone but the paddle performance is awesome. Prince/Paddletek first shot at a paddle, what’s next...

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Prince Response Pro Composite December 20, 2018
Reviewer: Just Dave from Murray, UT United States  
It's my opinion that all top paddles perform relatively the same.  The right paddle for you will be based almost entirely personal feel and preference.  Specifically regarding the Prince Response Pro Composite, here's why I added it to my arsenal. (1) Name recognition.  I love my Prince tennis racket and had instant trust with Prince pickleball, especially once I discovered that the design was a joint effort with PaddleTek.  (2) Shape.  The Prince paddle shape is based on similar physics theory that has proven successful in their tennis rackets.  While the rounded head shape is odd to experienced pickleballers, I found it to be more attractive and functional than the traditional square head in many pickleball paddles.  (3) Handle length and shape.  It feels comfortable in my hand. (4) Face thickness.  At 9/16", the face of the Prince is slightly thicker than most paddles (except for the Selkirk AMPED).  (5) Graphics.  I love the look.

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