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Pickleball Stocking Stuffers

Pickleball Holiday Stocking Stuffers

We love to give you lots of choices during the winter holidays. These items are sprinkled throughout our website. For your convenience, we created this page to put all the stocking stuffer ideas in one place.
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Give them what they want, pickleball gift certificates Gift Certificate

You can never go wrong with a gift certificate - Make someone's special day with one from their favorite pickleball store! It can be either emailed or mailed to the recipient.

Helps maintain grip and control, and improve performance. Selkirk Tacky Towel

Improves your grip by making grips and hands moisture-resistant, without leaving residual sticky build-up. Uses a non-toxic, skin-safe formula.

Price $6.99

International Federation of Pickleball-Official Tournament Rulebook Rulebook - Official Tournament, Revised January 2021

Every pickleball player needs a great spiral-bound reference book to have while on the pickleball court. The next time there's a rule debate, pull out this book to end it.

Price $9.50

High Tack Pickleball Grip, moisture absorbent.  Chosse from black, white, or neon, stars & stripes or fashion mix GAMMA Supreme Pickleball Overgrip

Tacky, absorbent overgrip extends the life of your grip.  Each package contains three overgrips.  Choose several colors and designs.

Price $7.99

Pickleball Court Mouse Pad featuring a pickleball court design in white and light blue on a dark blue background. Pickleball Court Mouse Pad

Durable rubber and fabric materials withstand frequent use while providing a delightful pickleball-centric addition to your desktop.

Price $9.99

Pickleball Bottle Opener, choose from two colors Pickleball Bottle Opener

Proudly made in the USA, this laser cut bottle opener comes in two bright colors to show your love of pickleball! Makes a great gift!

Price $6.99

Pickleball Charm made from pewter, add to a charm bracelet or use as a zipper pull. Pewter Pickleball Charm

The dusty pewter-colored pickleball charm can be used as a zipper pull, pendant, charm, or earrings. This item makes a great gift for all your cherished pickleball friends.

Price $4.99

Prince Paddle Cover available in two sizes Prince Paddle Cover

Protect your paddle with this Prince-branded cover. Generously sized to fit almost any paddle on the market. Side zipper.

Price $16.99

No-Sweat Diamond Grip, the same popular grip seen on the Titan paddle. PROLITE No-Sweat Diamond Grip

Diamond design improves traction and directs moisture away from your skin for an extremely secure feel. Rubberized cushion surface provides a soft, comfortable grip for your paddle.

Price $6.99

Phantom Ultra Grip, with increased traction, comfort, and durability. PROLITE Phantom Ultra Grip

Tacky, rubberized cushion provides comfort and slip-free traction. Stable and effective construction improves durability.

Price $6.49

Plush Pickleball Microfiber Towel is available in Blue, Pink or Teal. Pickleball Plush Microfiber Towel

Quick to dry and highly absorbent, great for having on hand to stay sweat-free.

Measures 24 x 16"

Price $15.99

No-Slip Thin Pickleball Grip by PROLITE PROLITE No-Slip Thin Grip

This thin grip will keep your paddle looking fresh, provides great traction with minimal size. Lots of vibrant colors to choose from.

Price $1.99

The PROLITE Edge Tape Armor is available in black, red, or white color options and arrives with three strips per package. PROLITE Edge Tape Armor 3-Pack

Extra protection that can be added to the edge of your paddle to protect the structural integrity of your gear and defend against scrapes.

Price $8.00

Rosin powder in a convenient shaker Vulcan Rosin Powder

Eliminate moisture and keep a solid grip on your paddle with this rosin powder from Vulcan.

Price $7.99

HEAD Headband, choose from black or white HEAD Headband

This absorbent head band from HEAD will keep your perspiration under control. Available in black or white

Price $5.95

Pickleball Earrings handcrafted from leather, choose from several color options Leather Pickleball Earrings

These handcrafted leather paddle earrings are a fashionable addition to any female pickleball player's jewelry collection. Made out of durable leather and surgical steel wire.

Price $12.99

Pickleball FUN Earrings Pickleball FUN Earrings

These bright yellow pickleball earrings bring FUN to your look. Wires are sterling silver. Proudly made in the USA.

Price $24.99

HEAD Xtreme Soft Pickleball Over Grip, choose from black, blue, pink, red, yellow or white HEAD Xtreme Soft Pickleball Over Grip

This over grip features large perforations for superior moisture absorption, very thin with a soft yet tacky feeling. Available in black, blue, pink, red, white or yellow.

Price $5.95

Pickleball Pizzazz Earrings, choose from several color and drop or stud style Pickleball Pizzazz Earrings

These snazzy earrings will add some sparkle to your game, choose from several colors to match any outfit. Available in drop or stud style.

Price $12.99

PIckleball Keychain, choose from two options Pickleball Keychain

Proudly made in the USA, this laser cut keychain comes in two options to show your love of pickleball!

Price $8.99

PROLITE Paddle Cover, available in two sizes. PROLITE Paddle Cover

Neoprene paddle cover bearing the PROLITE logo will keep your paddle protected and looking fresh. Choose from 2 sizes.

Price $16.99

Paddletek Paddle Cover, choose from two sizes Paddletek Paddle Cover

Zipper closure paddle cover sporting the Paddletek logo will keep your paddle looking its best.  Choose from two sizes: standard or large.

Price $16.99

ONIX Paddle Cover, available in two sizes ONIX Paddle Cover

Protect your paddle with this ONIX-branded cover. Generously sized to fit almost any paddle on the market. Side zipper.

Price $16.99

GAMMA Paddle Cover, available in two sizes GAMMA Paddle Cover

Protect your paddle with this GAMMA-branded cover. Generously sized to fit almost any paddle on the market. Side zipper.

Price $16.99

The Pickle-Upper Ball Pickup Tool fits over pretty much any paddle handle and allows you to pick up balls without fully bending over and straining your back or knees. It's a suction cup on the end of your paddle handle. PickleUpper Ball Pickup Tool

A lightweight rubber attachment that goes on the end of your paddle handle so you can retrieve pickleballs with less strain.

Price $14.95

Pickleball luggage tag available in 4 designs including pickelballs, paddle, LOVE or dink. Pickleball Bag Tag

Mark your court bag or luggage with eye-catching pickleball designs that will help them stand out and identify your gear.

Price $7.99

ProKennex Paddle Cover, available in two sizes ProKennex Paddle Cover

Protect your paddle with this ProKennex-branded cover. Standard and Oval sizes. Side zipper.

Price $16.99

Bright orange court tape, water resistant and tear resistant Heavy Duty Court Tape

Set up your pickleball court lines with this Heavy Duty Court Tape, water resistant and tear resistant. Tape is 2 inches wide with 204 feet on each roll. The bright orange color makes lines clearly visible.

Price $11.99

Coach and player Mark Friedenberg's book - Winning Pickleball Winning Pickleball by Mark Friedenberg

This book is for all levels of play from beginner to pro. Readers will benefit from Mark's (Yoda) years of experience playing and teaching pickleball. Softback,179 pages.

MSRP: $29.95

Pickleball Journal: A place to record your training progress and goals. Pickleball Journal

Record your pickleball training, goals and progress all in one place!

Price $22.99
Aromox Inc Paddle Cleansing Kit, with spray bottle, microfiber cloth, and scrubber pad. Paddle Cleanse Kit

Cleansing kit for keeping your paddle looking and performing like you just bought it. Kit includes cleansing spray, scrubbing pad, and microfiber cloth.

Price $9.99

Leather Pickleball Paddle Ornament Leather Pickleball Ornament

Show off your favorite sport in style with this finely crafted leather paddle ornament! Your tree won’t be fully complete without the addition of this snazzy and cute paddle.

Price $14.99

Pickle candy, makes a fun gag gift. Pickle Hard Candy

You may think this is just an ordinary candy, until you taste the briny surprise. These candies taste like sweet pickles! Packaged in a 2.5 oz. tin.

Price $5.99

Pickle Playing Cards, pickle themed cards with a pickle-like backing and noble pickle face-cards. Pickle Playing Cards

The i-dill way to pass the time, you will relish playing with these pickle cards! They have a pickle-textured back and royal pickle faces.

Price $6.99

This belt will hold 1-5 pickleballs. Choose from black, green, hot pink, purple, orange and turquoise color options. I've Got Balls! Belt

Keep pickleballs within easy reach with this handy belt. Holds approximately five pickleballs and is available in black, pink, green, orange, purple and turquoise.

Price $14.99

Rosin powder in a convenient bag Vulcan Rosin Bag

Keep a firm grip on your paddle and eliminate moisture with this rosin bag from Vulcan.

Price $4.99

Helps repel sweat and moisture from your hands. GAMMA Tacky Towel

This cloth permeated with bee's wax will improve your grip on your paddle by repelling moisture without leaving any sticky residue. Lasts 3-6 weeks.

Price $6.99

Legacy PROLITE trucker-style hat with brand patch featuring lightning bolt and ball logo on the front, available in black, white, pink, red, and khaki colors. PROLITE Legacy Trucker Hat

Mesh-backed hat offered in five colors, with PROLITE emblem and adjustable back snap closure.

Price $25.00
Pickleball Magazine Subscription, 6 issues a year. Pickleball Magazine Subscription

Each issue is packed with a plethora of pickleball players and products for your perusal.

Starting At: $25.00

Armour Pickleball Wristband, choose from black or white Armour Pickleball Wristband

Soft and absorbent terry cloth wristbands from Armour. Available in black or white. One size. Package includes one wristband.

Price $5.50

Armour Pickleball Headband, choose from black or white Armour Pickleball Headband

Absorbent, soft terry cloth headband keeps perspiration away from your eyes. Choose from white or black.

Price $6.50

Target Zones: Practicing Pickleball with Purpose Target Zones: Practicing Pickleball with Purpose

Learn problem-solving and decision-making skills that will improve your pickleball game.  A great resource for players of all levels.

Price $29.99

Ten Pickleball Note Cards, blank inside, includes 10 envelopes Pickleball Note Cards - Set of 10

A set of ten pickleball-themed note cards will make a great party invite or thank you note. Cards are blank inside and include ten white envelopes. Cards measure 3 1/2 x 5 inches, gloss finish.

Price $5.99

The Art of Pickleball - Techniques and Strategies for Everyone, 5th Edition by Gale Leach The Art of Pickleball by Gale Leach - Fifth Edition

This novel is sure to intrigue the pickleball bookworm! It is the ultimate companion guide for any enthusiast, and is accompanied by many step-by-step photos in visual aids.

Price $21.95

Pickleball Courts: A Construction & Maintenance Manual, 108 pages. Pickleball Courts: A Construction & Maintenance Manual

Details on the design, construction and maintenance of pickleball courts. Includes chapters on planning and building a court, fencing, lighting and much more.

Price $34.95

Green plastic pickle that yodels a silly tune, includes batteries Yodeling Pickle

Yodelayheehoo! He sings out loud and clear. A simple push of a button and this pickle yodels and your friends crack up! Be the funniest gal or guy with this silly pickle.

Price $12.99

Attach this tape to the edge of your paddle to create the perfect weight. Pickleball Lead Tape

Add a little weight to your paddle with the addition of some self-adhesive lead tape. This product will add some extra oomph to your hits without adding size to your grip.

Price $6.99

Attach this tape to the edge of your paddle to create the perfect weight. GAMMA Lead Tape

Easily change the balance point or head weight of your paddle with this lead tape. Simply peel and stick on edge of paddle. Package contains 72" of 1/4" lead tape.

Price $5.99

Stylish Premier Lite Adjustable Pickleball Hat by ONIX is available in your choice of black, orange, or white. ONIX Premier Lite Adjustable Hat

Light weight hat with vents and interior sweatband keeps you dry even during intense games and on hot days.

Price $34.99

Sleek gray hat, mesh sides and back. Selkirk Heather Trucker Hat

Stay cool with this trendy, mesh-paneled hat. It comes in five colors and has double hole clasps in the back to adjust the fit.

Price $33.99

Jet Eyewear by Wilson, black frame Wilson Jet Eyewear

Compact, lightweight design with windshield styling and ventilation holes to prevent fogging. High-velocity impact resistance.

Price $26.99

Aviator protective Eyewear by Wilson, featuring adjustable sidearms for a secure fit. Wilson Aviator Eyewear

The two way adjustable side arms help customize this piece to fit your face. You can elongate or reduce the length of the side arms to find the optimal size for you personally.

Price $39.99

Ballszie Pickleball Holder, holds approximately 5-6 pickleballs. Choose from black or pink. Ballszie Pickleball Holder

Keep pickleballs within easy reach with this handy belt. Holds approximately five pickleballs and is available in black or pink.

Price $19.99

HEAD Wristbands, choose from black or white HEAD Wristbands

These absorbent wrist bands from HEAD will keep your persipration under control. Available in black or white

Price $5.95

Mueller Kinesiology I Strip Rolls, choose from 6 colors Kinesiology I Strip Rolls

Provide support to your joints and muscles. 100% cotton tape is latex-free and breathable. 20 pre-cut strips per roll. Choose from six colors

Price $10.99
Mueller ProStrips Finger Tape ProStrips Finger Tape

This flexible, breathable polyester tape is easily applied to the hand, preventing blisters and other painful abrasions caused by extended play.

Price $20.99
Jigsaw MagSoothe  Packets, choose from multiple flavors. Jigsaw MagSoothe (60 Packets)

Recover from an active day with this supplement that helps diminish achiness and muscle cramps. Contains 60 individual servings.

Price $39.97

Pickleball USB Adapter Plug featuring multiple colors of paddles and balls on a white background. Pickleball USB Adapter Plug

Easily charge your phone or any other USB-based item in an AC outlet with this stylish multicolored power adapter.

Price $7.99

Pickleball Hair Ties - pack of 3. Pastel blue, pink and green hair ties with repeating paddle design in coordinating colors. Pickleball Hair Ties

Cute and colorful designs on extra soft elastic bands protect your hair from breakage while keeping it out of the way during games.

Price $5.99

Pickleball Sticker Sheet featuring various pickleball designs and related words, including paddle and ball shapes, the words dink and slice, and more! Pickleball Sticker Sheet

Thirteen fun pickleball designs and game-related words made from vinyl you can use to decorate your notebook, laptop, scorecards, water bottles, and more!

Price $5.99

Pickleball Magnet, circular orange pickleball on a white background. Pickleball Magnet

Sturdy 5" diameter magnet for decorating your fridge, vehicle, or metallic water bottle.

Price $3.99

Round Pickleball Earrings in yellow are flat to sit flush against the ear, with alloy plating, a post back, and are 100% nickel-free and non-toxic. Adorable Yellow Pickleball Earrings

Pickleball post-style earrings made from hypoallergenic alloy plating in yellow and gold. Great stocking-stuffer or Thank You gift!

Price $15.99
The Coffee Now Pickleball Later Ceramic Mug holds 11 ounces, and is finished in glossy white with orange and black text. Coffee Now Pickleball Later Mug

Ceramic, dishwasher and microwave-safe mug with 11 oz capacity. Combine caffeine and pickleball into a single pleasant experience. Your new favorite coffee cup!

Price $15.99

The smooth wrap pickleball grip from Gearbox is a flat and moderately tacky grip, offered in five different color. Available in black, blue, hot pink, red or white. Gearbox Smooth Wrap Pickleball Grip

A sleek and tacky grip that has an extra felt backing for added cushioning and comfort. Available in five colors, including blue, hot pink, red, white, and black. One per package.

Price $6.99
Gearbox Moisture Absorption Pickleball Grip for sweat-free palms during the most heated play; available in black or blue. Gearbox Moisture Absorption Pickleball Grip

A slim and perforated grip that pulls sweat into a felt backing for absorption. Comfortably cushioned with reliable tack.

Price $6.99

The Pickleball-themed Nail Care Kit includes nail clippers, nail scissors, cuticle nipper, tweezers, and nail file all in a handy storage and travel case with pastel pickleball paddles and balls against a soft pink background. Pickleball Nail Kit

An attractive pastel fingernail care kit in a neoprene storage and travel case, and includes two nail clippers, scissors, cuticle clipper, tweezers, and a nail file.
Measures 4 x 3 x 0.75"

Price $11.99