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Pickleball court add-ons and accessories

Accessories For Your Pickleball Court

Build your very own pickleball court in your driveway, cul-de-sac, parking lot or anywhere with tape for lines! We have a great selection of accessory items that can transform your court into the ultimate pickleball playland. There are lots of extra goodies that you can purchase to complete your pickleball set such as contraptions that hold the balls you currently arenít using, a scoring tool, and many more! Any pickleball extras you may ever need (or want!), youíll find here.
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The Pickleball Tutor Plus can deliver balls with spin and a rapid-fire rate of one ball per second. Pickleball Tutor Plus

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This descendant of the Tutor machine features spin capability, 110-ball capacity and ball speeds up to 65 mph. Oscillation feature is included on all models.

Starting at $999.99

Lobster Pickle Ball Machine, practice dinks, lobs and overheads with this ball machine Lobster Pickle Ball Machine

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Practice a variety of shots with this pickleball machine from Lobster Sports. Holds up to 135 pickleballs and can be used with indoor or outdoor balls.

Check out the product videos.

Price $899.99

The Pickleball Tutor will be your favorite practice partner.  Battery or AC powered models, 125-ball capacity will provide hours of drills. Choose from oscillating or non-oscillating models. Pickleball Tutor

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Portable pickleball machine features 125-ball capacity and speeds up to 60 mph. Oscillating or non-oscillating models. Battery or AC powered options. Battery model - 29 lbs, AC model 22 lbs.

Starting at $849.99

Perfect Pitch Rebounder, practice dinks, lobs and overheads on this net Perfect Pitch Rebounder Net

Perfect your shot even when you don't have a drill partner. Ball rebounds off top to create realistic arc and bounce.  Locking wheels keep it in place until you're ready to roll it away for storage.

Price $394.99
Court Tape Applicator tool makes marking a pickleball court easier. Court Tape Applicator

Easily mark your pickleball courts with this handy applicator tool. Use one roll of tape for a single temporary court line, or two rolls to mask for painting your own lines.  Tape not included.

Price $269.99
Extend the battery life of your Tutor machine by 4-6 hours with this external battery pack. Pickleball Tutor External Battery Pack

For use with battery version of Pickleball Tutor Machine. External battery pack will add an additional 4-6 hours of run time.

Price $195.00

Pickleball Court Stencil, choose from white or black paint options Pickleball Court Stencil

Ready for permanent lines to outline your pickleball court? Try this multi-use template for court lines! Comes with everything you'll need to paint a full pickleball court.

Price $189.99

External Battery Pack for your Pickle Ball Machine allows longer play time. Lobster External Battery Pack

Extend the amount of run time on your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine with this battery pack. Increases run time an additional 4-8 hours depending on settings.

Price $179.99
Remote Control for your Pickle Ball Machine allows you to change settings from a distance. Lobster Elite Remote Control

Change settings on your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine with this remote control. Owner installation required when purchased separate from machine.

Price $169.00

Fast charge your Pickle Ball Machine in 3-6 hours with this charger. Lobster 3-AMP Premium Charger

Charge your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine in 3-6 hours with this 3-amp premium charger.

Price $149.00

Quick Cart Plus-150 ball capacity Quick Cart Plus

Lightweight aluminum frame, heavy-duty canvas ball pouch zips up to keep balls contained during transport. 150 ball capacity. Includes canvas carrying case.

Price $139.99

Turn your battery-powered Tutor into electric with the AC Power Supply Pickleball Tutor External AC Power Supply

Plugs into an AC outlet to provide continuous operation for battery-powered Pickleball Tutors. Comes in a nylon carrying case.

Price $125.00

External A/C Power Supply for your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine allows for continuous play when an outlet is available. Lobster External A/C Power Supply

This allows you to run your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine continuously using a standard wall outlet.

Price $119.99

Fast charge your Pickle Ball Machine in 9-18 hours with this charger. Lobster 1-AMP Fast Charger

Charge your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine in less time with this 1-amp fast charger. Cuts charging time in half.

Price $99.00

Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee, sturdy steel construction will not warp or break Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee

Steel frame squeegee can absorb excess water from your court surface allowing for a quicker dry time to get you back out playing. Includes one roller.

Price $84.99

PIckleball Weathervane, choose your mounting option. Pickleball Weathervane

Proudly made in the USA, this laser cut weathervane can be mounted on your roof, deck, or in your garden. Choose from several different mounting options.

Price $74.99

Kollectaball CS40 Ball Collector - holds approximately 40 pickleballs Kollectaball CS40 Ball Collector

Make cleanup a breeze after drills and clinics with this handy tool, simply roll around the court to collect the balls. Holds approximately 30 pickleballs.  Lightweight and durable.

Price $69.99
Keep your machine clean with this vinyl protective cover Pickleball Tutor Weatherproof Cover

Keep your Pickleball Tutor Machine clean and shiny with this vinyl cover. Please note, this cover is not waterproof. Always store machine where it will not get wet. Choose from Tutor or Tutor Plus models.

Price $50.00

Protect your lobster ball machine while in storage with this cover. Lobster Storage Cover

Keep your Pickle Ball Machine looking like new with this lined fabric cover.  Fits Lobster brand Pickle Ball Machine.

Price $49.99
Tennis Net adjusters attach to the top of a tennis net to lower the height for pickleball. Tennis Net Adjuster

Are you ready to transform your tennis net to regulation height for playing pickleball with? Here's a simple solution! The handy tool makes lowering the net an absolute breeze.

Price $49.99

Court Long Lines and Corners, includes 8 long lines and 4 corners Court Long Lines and Corners

Set up temporary court lines in a gym or driveway with these vinyl strips. Includes 4 corner pieces and 8 lines. Available in orange.

Price $46.99

Deluxe Pickleball Caddy with wheels - modified for use with pickleballs, holds 48 balls Deluxe Pickleball Caddy

The larger caddy holds 48 balls and features wheels and longer handles for easier pick up. Includes specially-designed rods for pickleballs so you know no balls will escape.

Price $45.99

Net Post Ball Holder, choose from 5 versions for tennis net, chain link fence or oval or round Portable Net, and SwiftNet. Ball Holder

Hold all your balls with ease with this highly unique, custom-made ball holder. It is designed to fit on the end posts of a variety of portable net systems or chain link fence.

Price $44.99

Target rings can be used on the court surface or attached to the net. Target Rings (Set of 2)

Targets can be attached to net with Velcro or laid on court surface for practice drills. Set of two targets. Target opening measures 6 x 4 foot. Includes carrying case.

Price $39.99

Attaches to net with Velcro, set of two targets. Pop-Up Targets (Set of 2)

Nylon targets attach to net with Velcro and provide the perfect training aid for increasing your accuracy on dinks. Set of two targets (red and blue). Target opening measures 20 x 26". Includes carrying case.

Price $39.99

Improve accuracy of shots with these durable targets, set of two. Mini-Target Knockdowns (Set of 2)

Just fill the base with water and inflate, and your target is ready. Improve precision on dinks, lobs and overheads. Set of two. Each measures 36 inches tall.

Price $39.99

Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee Refill - replacement roll is 36 inches long Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee Replacement Roller

If your squeegee sees the court on a regular basis, you might end up needing a new one. This is the replacement roller for the Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee, 36" roller.

Price $39.99
EZ Court Lines - bright yellow rubber pieces to temporarily mark your court, four corners and 12 lines EZ Court Lines

These simple lines make it EZ to play pickleball anywhere. Made of thin, lemon vinyl. This product lies out the bones of the court. Two sets are needed to fully line a court.

Price $32.99

Pickleball Ballport Mini, modified for use with pickleballs, use as a pick-up tool or a stand. Pickleball Ballport Mini

The helpful ball holder has been modified specifically to be able to use with pickleballs. It is easy to use, durable, holds up to 22 balls, and stands upright for convenient access.

Price $29.99

Fits easily on the end post of most portable net systems-holds 8 pickleballs Lightweight Ball Holder for Portable Net Systems - Oval Post

Keep all your pickleballs handy right on your portable net post with this clever ball holder.  Holds 8 pickleballs. Fits most portable net systems.

Price $23.99

Durable cloth court tape for outdoor applications, two inch wide x 200 foot long. Choose from red or yellow. Outdoor Cloth Court Tape

Special fabric tape is designed to remove cleanly from outdoor courts leaving minimal residue. Excellent moisture  and abrasion resistance. Choose from red or yellow,  200 feet per roll, two inch wide.

Price $21.99

Hipster Ball Band, holds several pickleballs. Choose from S, M, L or XL Hipster Ball Band

This stretchy black band will hold several pickleballs. No need for bulky belts or pockets. Available in S, M, L and XL.

Price $19.99

Ballszie Pickleball Holder, holds approximately 5-6 pickleballs. Choose from black or pink. Ballszie Pickleball Holder

Keep pickleballs within easy reach with this handy belt. Holds approximately five pickleballs and is available in black or pink.

Price $19.99

Handy Hopper Pickleball Holder, holds approximately a dozen pickleballs. Handy Hopper Pickleball Holder

A convenient way to keep pickleballs close at hand while on the court. Holds up to 35 balls. One size.

Price $18.99

This belt will hold 1-5 pickleballs, choose from green, black, pink, or orange color options. I've Got Balls! Belt

Keep pickleballs within easy reach with this handy belt. Holds approximately five pickleballs and is available in black, pink, green, and orange.

Price $14.99

Bright orange court tape, water resistant and tear resistant Heavy Duty Court Tape

Set up your pickleball court lines with this Heavy Duty Court Tape, water resistant and tear resistant. Tape is 2 inches wide with 204 feet on each roll. The bright orange color makes lines clearly visible.

Price $10.99

Non-sticky lotion keeps hands dry for up to 2 hours. 2 oz bottle Wilson ProGrip Max Lotion

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This lotion will keep your hands dry while providing a non-sticky grip. One application lasts up to two hours.

Price $10.99
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Pickleball Referee Score Clip, choose from several color options. Referee Score Clip

This clip helps you easily keep track serving order and score during pickleball matches. Available in several color options.

Price $8.99

Pickleball tape for court lines, 2-inch wide, 200 foot roll will mark one pickleball court, orange color only Court Line Tape - 200 feet

This tape is 2 inches wide and contains 200 feet of tape, enough to mark a full pickleball court. The color is a bright orange to make it clear whether the ball is in or out.

Price $8.99

Rosin powder in a convenient shaker Vulcan Rosin Powder

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Eliminate moisture and keep a solid grip on your paddle with this rosin powder from Vulcan.

Price $7.99
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Attach this tape to the edge of your paddle to create the perfect weight. GAMMA Lead Tape

Easily change the balance point or head weight of your paddle with this lead tape. Simply peel and stick on edge of paddle. Package contains 72" of 1/4" lead tape.

Price $5.99

Helps repel sweat and moisture from your hands. GAMMA Tacky Towel

This cloth permeated with bee's wax will improve your grip on your paddle by repelling moisture without leaving any sticky residue. Lasts 3-6 weeks.

Price $5.99

Rosin powder in a convenient bag Vulcan Rosin Bag

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Keep a firm grip on your paddle and eliminate moisture with this rosin bag from Vulcan.

Price $4.99
Introductory Price $3.99
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Line Chalk for marking temporary court lines, choose from yellow or white color options Court Line Chalk

For courts that aren't quite ready to be permanent, try this court line chalk! The cheery yellow color stands out against dark asphalt and boldly marks the thick court lines.

Price $0.99