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Pickleball Lessons, Teachers and Coaches

Improve your pickleball game with a pickleball class or a few lessons. Find a teacher from our list of providers. If you are a pickleball instructor/coach and would like to be featured on this page, please email us at .

USA Nationwide

Prem Carnot - Expert Pickleball Coach - tours the USA

Pickleball Club Program
Prem Carnot is the ultimate coach: He's passionate about the game,
highly experienced in instructing pickleball, and can coach you through
all levels of play. But don't take my word for it, read the reviews from
actual students on his website! Prem also offers a unique product
called "Video Coaching". All you have to do is film yourself playing
pickleball for 10-15 minutes and send him the video. He will then
critique your video and offer you tips and advice on how to
improve your game! Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
Phone: (773) 615-0478



Grand Pickleball Club Lessons - Surprise, Arizona

Pickleball Club Program
If you live around Sun City Grand in Surprise Arizona and are looking for some
pickleball lessons, look no further. The Grand Pickleball Club offers lessons
for club members and prospective clubs members for FREE. The instructors
are Vic Avery and Tony de la Torre.
*Please note free lessons are only provided to members
and prospective members.
Bob Applebaum (President)
Phone: (602) 322-1138

Vic Avery
Phone: (602) 215-8066

Tony de la Torre
Phone: (602) 628-4334


Michael - Coronado (San Diego County), California.

Pickleball teaching pro, Michael offers pickleball clinics and lessons in Coronado for
every level from beginners to advanced players. For beginners, Michael focuses
on mastering the essential shots so players can start to enjoy the game and
improve quickly. For more advanced players, the focus is on refining specific shots,
court positioning, and doubles tactics. Before falling in love with pickleball, Michael
taught tennis, was the number one player on his high school tennis team in San
Diego, and played intercollegiate squash for Columbia University.
Phone: (619) 518-1896



Pickleball Instructions - The Villages, Florida

Rob and Jodi Elliott Pickleball Instructors
Want to become a 4.5/5.0 pickleball player? Take some lessons with Robert
and Jodi Elliott! They are 5.0 Champion Pickleball players with lots of
medals to prove it. They have studied the game and know what really
makes a difference on the court. Rob is a former Division One Tennis
champion and Tennis Pro.
Phone: (352) 342-2527


Poach Pickleball Coaching - Florida

Pickleball coaching by Brian and Matt Staub, father/son duo and
National Pickleball Champions! Poach Pickleball Coaching offers lessons,
regular clinics and video analysis.
Phone: (941) 363-1328



Pickleball Outfitters Lessons - Traverse City, Michigan

Carolyn Ebbinghaus teaches private, semi-private and group pickleball
lessons in Traverse City, Michigan at the Y, senior center and NMC
college. She is also available to teach in surrounding upper Michigan
Phone: (231) 499-8852


New York

Kenneth Oliver Newburgh, New York & Delray Beach, Florida

Oliver took up the game several years ago and has played countless
matches and taught and instructed numerous players, at various
levels of play. He teaches at a community center and gives both
individual and group lessons. He teaches both the rules of the game
and proper hitting technique, as well as proper court positions and
strategy. "It is gratifying to see beginners progress to the point
where they become competitive, as well as more advanced players
learning to play more intelligently, becoming that much more
effective on the court. Above all else, the goal is to have lots of
fun and get great exercise, no matter what your level of play. The
better you get, the more likely it is that you will have more fun
Phone: (845) 464-4853


North Carolina

John Jessen - Brevard, North Carolina

Coach John and I have been playing pickleball for about 3 years
now. Before that he was a teaching tennis pro for
more than 25 years. John's emphasis is placed on fun, fun,
fun and is very big on learning the basics. The level attained
is totally up to the student. The primary services offered are
group clinics, private lessons, fixing bad habits and tournament
practices consisting of advanced drilling. He is also available for
lectures pertaining to pickleball and how to start it in your area.

Phone: (704) 460-3946



Stan Shoemaker - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Coach Stan Shoemaker teaches and promotes pickleball in the Philadelphia
during the spring and summer, then resides and teaches pickleball
clinics in Delray Beach, Florida, during the fall and winter months.
He offers private and semi-private lessons and clinics teaching the ABC's
of pickleball to players of all levels ('Always Be Consistent').
He includes ball machine drills, and even video analysis of
player's skills in his clinics. Coach Stan is an IPTPA Teaching pro,
PPR member, and PTR Pro for the last 20 years. His medal-winning
record speaks for itself, and he looks forward to hearing from you!

Phone: (215) 479-0469



Sandra Carrillo - San Antonio, Texas Bilingual Pickleball Instructor

Enjoy your level of play as you improve to the next level with clinics, lessons,
recommendations and simply, play more. Learn to be a
C.H.A.M.P., strategy, team play with your doubles partner, game
dynamics, paired decisions during your point, pre-match awareness, and
so much more. Most of all, play for fun, fitness and friendship.

Washington State

Pickleball Training by Mark Friedenberg - Seattle, Washington

Mark Friedenberg is one of the top ranked pickleball players in the
United States. He is a National Doubles Champion. Mark has taught many
clinics throughout the U.S. His teaching experience comes from 22 years of
playing tournament pickleball and from being a college instructor. Also,
he has written a book on pickleball, "The Official Pickleball Handbook,
2nd Edition." Whether because of his age or physical stature his tournament
partners and opponents call him Yoda or the "Ancient Master." When it
comes to pickleball he is one of the most knowledgeable players to
have ever played the game. He always brings with him his "bag of tricks,"
of which many are exposed in his book.
Phone: (425) 299-7449



Pickleball Canada

Here is a great link for all instructors or pickleball coaches.
Pickleball Canada put together this wonderful guide to not
only give the coaches' tips but to also help the players out
there as well. This instructional guide will fill you in on the history,
the game, key strokes, basic moves, how to treat your students
and pickleball vocabulary. When in-person lessons aren't an
option, this guide can be very handy in helping you step up
your coaching and playing game.
"Contact Us"
tab on the
Pickleball Canada