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Pickleball Books And DVDs

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take pickleball lessons from a famed pickleball professional or a licensed teacher. Try the next best option: watching a video or flipping through a book! Visual learners will appreciate the extremely detailed demonstrations found in all of our videos which are great for all skill levels. For those who are fans of a good olí book, the diagrams, illustrations and easy-to-understand text will be a perfect option for you. Itís just like going to a bookstore Ė but without the crowds and lines.Please Note: Books and DVDs are not eligible for return. (Defective DVD's will be exchanged for same product).
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Coach and player Mark Friedenberg's book - Winning Pickleball Winning Pickleball by Mark Friedenberg

This book is for all levels of play from beginner to pro. Readers will benefit from Mark's (Yoda) years of experience playing and teaching pickleball. Softback,179 pages.

Price $29.99
History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun!- Written by Beverly Youngren and her daughter Jennifer Lucore. History of Pickleball: More Than 50 Years of Fun!

Learn the history of pickleball in this fun book written by mother/daughter duo, Jennifer Lucore and Beverly Youngren. They have both been huge contributors to the growth of the sport.

Price $29.99
International Federation of Pickleball-Official Tournament Rulebook Rulebook - Official Tournament, Revised January 2018

Every pickleball player needs a great spiral-bound reference book to have while on the pickleball court. The next time there's a rule debate, pull out this book to end it.

Price $9.50

Target Zones: Practicing Pickleball with Purpose Target Zones: Practicing Pickleball with Purpose

Learn problem-solving and decision-making skills that will improve your pickleball game.  A great resource for players of all levels.

Price $29.99

Pickleball Courts: A Construction & Maintenance Manual, 108 pages. Pickleball Courts: A Construction & Maintenance Manual

Details on the design, construction and maintenance of pickleball courts. Includes chapters on planning and building a court, fencing, lighting and much more.

Price $29.99

Mind Game: A Quantum Performance Leap for Competitive Pickleball and Tennis by Neil P. Schulenburg, PhD Mind Game: A Quantum Performance Leap for Competitive Pickleball and Tennis

Whether you are a seasoned expert or itís your first time setting foot on the court, boost your competitive play with Mind Game.

Price $11.99

Pickleball Magazine Subscription, discount price for USAPA members, 6 issues a year. Pickleball Magazine Subscription

Each issue is packed with a plethora of pickleball players and products for your perusal. Discount subscription price for USAPA Members.

USAPA Member Price $18.00 / Non-Member Price: $24.00

Percentage Pickleball 2-DVD Set by Coach Mo, set covers topics including return of serve, ground stroke tips, split step Percentage Pickleball Clinic- 2-DVD Set by Coach Mo

The latest release from Coach Mo teaches you how to play the percentages and win more games! Includes bonus DVD indoor pickleball seminar. Topics include shot selection, extending your reach, and how to aim your paddle.

Price $24.99

Master the basics and compete with confidence with Pickleball Fundamentals, by USAPA with Mary Littlewood Pickleball Fundamentals

Learn the basics of the fast-growing sport so you can join in the fun.  Includes over 40 drills and strategy for singles and doubles play.  Great for beginners or intermediate players.

Price $19.99

Alan Christensen's third volume covers new topics for more advanced players "Improve Your Game" Vol. III by Alan Christensen

The final release from the ever-popular coach covers new information on grip, balance, footwork and more. Focuses on more advanced techniques for those high skilled players.

Price $17.99

The Art of Pickleball - Techniques and Strategies for Everyone, 4th Edition by Gale Leach The Art of Pickleball by Gale Leach - Fourth Edition

This novel is sure to intrigue the pickleball bookworm! It is the ultimate companion guide for any enthusiast, and is accompanied by many step-by-step photos in visual aids.

Price $19.99

Alan Christensen demonstrates intermediate strategies in Volume 2 "Improve Your Pickleball" Vol. II by Alan Christensen

The second installment of three is great for players who are looking to fine tune their skills with the help of visuals. This DVD is designed more for the intermediate player.

Price $15.99

Improve Your Game Volume 1-Alan Christensen teaches the basics "Improve Your Game" Vol. I by Alan Christensen

For the beginners who want to see just how the pros play, this first DVD will teach you the basics of pickleball. Great for newbies as well as players focusing on the basics.

Price $15.99

Pickleball Clinics by Coach Mo DVD - Two DVD set covers topics including dinks, serves, and the third shot Pickleball Clinics by Coach Mo

Improve your game and get the feeling of a live pickleball clinic with this educational pickleball-themed two DVD set. Watch the beloved Coach Mo teach 27 clinics to all skill levels.

Price $15.99

Improve Your Game Set-Alan Christensen, includes three volumes "Improve your Game" 3-DVD Set

Learn the basics from pickleball coach Alan Christensen in volume one, then progress to strategy in volume two, and in volume three you'll learn to fine tune your skills at an advanced level.

Price $44.99