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In 2010 Paddletek introduced an entirely new way of the making pickleball paddles and a whole new standard in quality too. Paddletek rode this success and became the largest producer of pickleball paddles in the United States. In 2019 they launched the "New Era of Paddletek", details of which are below. Paddletek offers an astounding five year guarantee against dead spots on their paddles. Paddletek pickleball paddles are constructed with a trademarked ProPolyCore. This core is what protects against core breakdown that leads to dead sports. They also claim this core dampens vibrations, making these paddles great for people with joint issues in their hands and arms. The core, and other technological innovations, contribute to these paddles being considered approved or "in the green zone" in communities with pickleball paddle noise restrictions. New 2019 innovations include Smart Response Technology, Torsional Vibration Control, and Grip Vibration Dampening.
Click here to read more about the 2019 New Era of Paddletek.
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Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle, choose from 2 weights, 2 grips sizes and four colors. Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite Paddle

This composite paddle from Paddletek features a thick poly core, allowing a softer game. Choose from two grips, two weights and four colors.

Light or Middleweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $149.99

Bantam EX-L Pro, choose from two grip sizes in aqua, blue red, pink. Bantam EX-L Pro Paddle

The pro series from Paddletek features a thicker core for more increased touch and power. Choose from two grip sizes and four color options.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $149.99

The Saber Pro Bantam Pickleball Paddle comes in two weights and two grip sizes. Bantam Sabre Pro Paddle

This paddle offers more weight and a longer handle. Great for 2-handed backhands. Choose from blue or red and small or large grip options.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $129.99

Bantam TS-5, choose from red, yellow, or blue geometric design Bantam TS-5 Paddle

A lighter weight and more maneuverable version of the popular Bantam EX-L will provide quicker speed at the net.

Light-Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $99.99

Bantam EX-L, choose from red, pink, purple, or blue geometric design Bantam EX-L Paddle

The specialized core in this paddle provides more power, control and quieter play for the multi-talented player.

Middle-Heavyweight/Medium Grip

Price $99.99

Tempest Wave II Paddle is available in 5 color options Tempest Wave II Graphite Paddle

This paddle offers reduced vibration from the polymer core. The textured graphite surface allows you to put the ball right where you want it.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $129.99
The Tempest Pro Paddle is available in two grip sizes and two colors. Tempest Pro Graphite Paddle

The Pro version of the popular Tempest paddle offers softer play with a thicker core for increased power and touch.

Light-Middleweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $159.99

Phoenix Genesis Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle, choose from five colors. Phoenix Genesis Pro Paddle

The large sweet spot on this paddle covers most of the face, ensuring every shot counts. Paddletek packed lots of new tech into this one.

Middleweight/Small or Medium Grip

Price $119.99
Phoenix Genesis Composite Pickleball Paddle, choose from five colors. Phoenix Genesis Paddle

With a light weight and a maneuverable design, this paddle is quick and accurate. Large surface area, textured, and sturdy. Ideal for precision.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $89.99
Phoenix G6 Composite Pickleball Paddle, choose from five colors. Phoenix G6 Composite Paddle

With graphite in its core for control and quieter play, the composite face and balanced weight will add some drive, making it a versatile paddle.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $69.99
Tempest Wave Paddle has a bold swirling design in three color options: red, blue, or pink Tempest Wave Graphite Paddle

This paddle has the popular polymer core from Paddletek along with a more responsive graphite face for great touch.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $127.99

The Ranger Pickleball Paddle is a designed for younger players with a smaller grip and lighter weight. Ranger Pickleball Paddle

This lightweight, poly-core paddle was designed for younger players and features a small grip.

Lightweight/Small Grip

Price $47.99

The Tangent Pro Pickleball Paddle comes in two weights and two grip sizes. Tangent Pro Pickleball Paddle

Hurry, Sale Ends Soon!
This paddle has everything you want, touch, control and power. Choose from small or large grip and light or standard weight options.

Price $137.99
Sale Price: $110.39
You save $27.60!

The Phoenix LTE Pickleball Paddle is a great starter paddle for players just entering the sport. Phoenix LTE Pickleball Paddle

This light weight, poly-core paddle is great for entry level and intermediate players.

Light-Midleweight/Medium Grip

Price $57.99

Phoenix Lte Paddle Bundle, two middleweight composite paddles, drawstring bag and four outdoor balls Phoenix Lte Paddle Bundle

Hurry, Sale ends soon.
Bundle includes two poly-core paddles, drawstring bag and four outdoor balls.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $133.99
Sale Price: $98.99
You save $35.00!

Element Paddle has a bold geometric design in four color options: red, blue, yellow or pink Element Paddle

This paddle provides the same stable power but is offered in lighter weight for better maneuverability.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $73.99

Phoenix Pro Paddle features a vibrant colored vinyl surface. Choose from blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, turquoise, and black Phoenix Pro Paddle

This is a great paddle for the experienced player. It provides controllable power and 'touch' for perfect placement.

Middle-Heavyweight/Medium Grip

Price $78.99

Power Play Pro, teardrop design, available in 8 bold colors with black low-profile edge guard. Power Play Pro Paddle

This paddle moved the center of gravity forward, giving you more power when you use your wrist.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $78.99

The Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack features large compartments, including thermal lined pocket for hot or cold items. Paddletek Pro Pickleball Backpack

Hurry, Sale Ends Soon!
This deluxe bag offers a large center zippered compartment and several smaller inside pockets. Vented shoe compartment and thermal pocket. Measures 25 x 12 x 10 inches.

Price $108.99
Sale Price: $87.19


"The New Era of Paddletek" - A Q&A With Noah Kaplan

The New Era of Paddletek - Let's Go Again.
In October of 2019, we sat down with Noah Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing at Paddletek to discuss the major relaunch of the Paddletek brand, and how they see their brand in the context of the overall pickleball industry.

Q - "You are describing this as the 'New Era of Paddletek' - what exactly do you mean by this?"

A - "The New Era of Paddletek is a complete transformation of the brand and its approach to go to market. The first phase begins with a new brand identity of which includes a new Logo, new graphics, new retail packaging and a new website that is supported with a disruptive marketing campaign."

Q - "How many paddles are in the updated product line and how do they compare?"

A - "To make it easy for the consumers, we've created a comparison chart which compares and contrasts the new Bantam, Tempest, and Phoenix Lines. I'd refer you to that document to help see what we've done."

Paddle Lineup for Paddletek's New Era Launch
Comparison Chart for the Paddletek New Era Pickleball Paddles

Q - "Paddletek is one of the most powerful and recognizable brands in the sport - what was the thinking behind the rebranding of Paddletek?"

A - "With the sport growing as fast as it is, and the fact that there are so many new brands who are entering the space, the rebranding was vital to ensure Paddletek maintains relevancy and innovates in all aspects of the business."

Q - "Where does Paddletek see the sport going and was there a certain demographic you are targeting with the new brand/campaign?"

A - "Pickleball is in the most pivotal phase of its existence. We are truly witnessing a phenomenon in a sport unlike we have ever seen before where all walks of life are beginning to play the game. Kids under the age of 12, wheelchair players and older men and women who have never played a sport in their life are flocking to the courts. We feel confident that our new branding will appeal to all demographics, but there is no question the sport is now starting to trend in younger generations which is great for us, as we intend to have these players grow up with our brand.

Q - "What is the brand intended to imply about the future of Paddletek?"

A - "This is just the beginning of the New Era… Our objective was to ground our new branding and simplify our offering for the consumer. We will continue to pave the way in the sport with constant innovation in our product. Now more than ever, we need to challenge ourselves to create disruption in the marketplace....... But to answer the question you are really looking for; we are planning to present some new and exciting (product) updates in the coming months."

Q - "What can you tell us about the future of Paddletek – what should we be expecting in coming months and years? "

A - "From a marketing perspective, we will be continuing our brand campaign throughout the year and move on to phase 2 in the Spring. Product wise, we will be introducing some exciting product offerings shortly. We have invested more resources in our R&D department and will continue to lead the sport in innovation. "

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