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Oversized, Extra Long, & Blade Style Pickeball Paddls

Oversize Pickleball Paddles

Oversize paddles have substantially more surface area to increase the sweet spot and minimize miss-hits or provide extended reach with a longer design.  Some oversize paddles are ideal for players who place their forefinger and/or thumb on the paddle surface. This style of grip improves paddle control and helps players orient the paddle face to keep balls low during fast kitchen exchanges. The oversize paddle concept was invented and developed by Pickleball Central.
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The Rally PXL Graphite with polypropylene core and graphite face, choose from blue green, red or yellow. Rally PXL Graphite Paddle

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This paddle features an elongated hitting surface paired with a powerful graphite/fiberglass hybrid face. Choose from four colors.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

MSRP: $79.99
Sale Price: $69.99

OneShot Pickleball PowerShot Series Paddle with a polypropylene core and fiberglass face, available in black camo, blue, gray, and red. OneShot Pickleball PowerShot Series Paddle

An extremely well-balanced paddle, great for all levels of play. Generous handle length is perfect for two-handed grips.

Middleweight/Medium or Large Grip

Price $79.99

Summit C1 Composite Pickleball Paddle, elongated shape for greater reach. Summit C1 Composite Pickleball Paddle

This paddle offers a fiberglass-faced polymer core. Features over-sized, elongated design for maximum reach.

Middleweight/Large Grip

Price $89.99

Radical XL Graphite Paddle, polymer core and graphite face. Radical XL Graphite Paddle

All the same great features of the Radical paddle with a longer surface for increased reach. Ergonomic HydroSorb Pro Grip.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $99.95

Margaritaville 'Fins Up' Paddle Margaritaville 'Fins Up' Pickleball Paddle

Grab those high lobs or low groundstrokes with this elongated Margaritaville paddle. Features graphite face and polymer core.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $99.95

Rebel PowerSpin Composite, choose from three color combinations. Rebel PowerSpin Composite Paddle

The "James Dean" of paddles, this is for non-traditional players. Long face for increased spin capability.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $114.99

Needle Graphite Pickleball Paddle by GAMMA Needle Graphite Paddle

Keep your opponent on pins and needles with this elongated, poly-core graphite paddle from Gamma.

Middleweight/Small Grip

Price $119.99

V560 Pickleball Paddle by Vulcan Available In Power & Control Editions. Vulcan V560 Paddle

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Choose from control or power options in this paddle from Vulcan.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

MSRP: $149.99
Sale Price: $119.99
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Response Pro Composite Paddle by Prince Pickleball, choose from 2 weights, 2 grips sizes and five colors. Response Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

With years of expertise in racquet sports, Prince Pickleball brings us this poly-core composite paddle.

Light or Middleweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $128.99

The Quantum Pro Pickleball Paddle is available in two colors and two grips sizes. Quantum Pro Pickleball Paddle

Prince has done it again! Phenomenal power and control due to the longer handle and isometric shape. Choose from two grip sizes.

Middleweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $128.99

Elite Pro Widebody Pickleball Paddle Elite Pro Widebody

This fiberglass paddle has a giant sweet spot with an easy to maneuver shape and provides control, touch and durability.

Price $129.99

Temporarily Out of Stock
The Saber Pro Bantam Pickleball Paddle comes in two weights and two grip sizes. Bantam Sabre Pro Paddle

Offers more weight and a longer handle. Great for 2-handed backhands. Choose from five colors, small or large grip options.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $129.99

Compass Graphite Pickleball Paddle by GAMMA GAMMA Compass Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Navigate your way to a win with this elongated paddle from Gamma, featuring a thicker core and textured graphite face.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small Grip

Price $139.99

V550 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle by Vulcan Vulcan V550 Hybrid Paddle

The elongated design of this paddle from Vulcan allows you to generate more speed and spin off the face.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $139.99

Compass LH Elongated Graphite Pickleball Paddle by GAMMA, a responsive paddle with improved control and spin. GAMMA Compass LH Elongated Paddle

For hitting every type of shot, this elongated graphite face and thicker core offer incredible control, spin, and balance.

Lightweight/Small Grip

Price $139.99

PROLITE Cypher Pro Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle-elongated design Cypher Pro Black Diamond Series Paddle

Strong carbon fiber face and elongated shape create the ultimate blend of control and top performance.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $148.99

AMPED Maxima X5 FiberFlex Paddle, choose from blue, green red or purple AMPED Maxima X5 FiberFlex Paddle

FREE Selkirk Hat and Balls ($28.94 value)
A superb paddle for the power player, ball stays on the paddle longer allowing you to place shots perfectly.

Light-Middleweight/Small or Medium Grip

Price $149.99

AMPED Omni X5 FiberFlex Paddle, choose from aqua, blue, orange or red AMPED Omni X5 FiberFlex Paddle

New 2021 Colors Available
FREE Selkirk Hat and Balls ($28.94 value)
The elongated paddle face paired with a shorter handle provide increased reach. Revolutionary thicker core amplifies the power. Choose from four colors.

Light-Middleweight/Small or Medium Grip

Price $149.99

AMPED Invikta X5 FiberFlex Paddle, choose from blue, charcoal, purple or red AMPED Invikta X5 FiberFlex Paddle

New 2021 Colors Available
FREE Selkirk Hat and Balls ($28.94 value)
The thicker X5 core provides softer play, delivering an extreme amount of control. Available in two weight options.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small or Medium Grip

Price $149.99

Hellbender Pickleball Paddle by GAMMA GAMMA Hellbender Pickleball Paddle

Features thicker large-celled core to provide a soft and quiet responsive feel. Textured graphite face enhances control and spin.

Middleweight/Small Grip

Price $149.99

The Encore 6.0 paddle by EngagePickleball-choose from two grips and five colors. Encore 6.0 Paddle

The latest release from Engage features a thicker ControlPro Core paired with FiberTEK skin, the perfect combination for enhanced spin. Choose thin or standard grip.

Middleweight/Small or Medium Grip

Price $154.99

Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Paddle is available in two grip sizes and five colors. Tempest Reign Pro Graphite Paddle

FREE Paddletek Hat ($30 value)
The elongated version of the outstanding Tempest Wave Pro offers greater reach with all the control of a thick-core graphite paddle.

Light-Middleweight/Small or Large Grip

Price $169.99
Elongated face for maximum court coverage,  choose from midweight or lightweight VANGUARD Hybrid Invikta Paddle

New "Black Frost" Color
FREE Paddle Case ($19.99 value)
Elongated paddle with double-layer face, slim edge guard and comfortable play. Choose from two weights.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Price $199.99