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Jugs Indoor Pickleballs

Jugs Pickleballs

Jugs branded pickleballs are designed for indoor play and represent an incredible value. These balls have a lightly-textured surface which helps the ball bite the ground and results in a higher bounce and less skidding. Choose from a variety of colors; the original Jugs balls are available in lime green or white, but from time to time we also get special limited runs of indigo blue, black and pink balls as well! These so-called Midnight Indoor Pickleballs are simply Jugs dyed to unique hues.
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The Jugs Indoor ball comes in two great colors, lime green and white. Jugs Indoor Pickleballs

For players who prefer a controlled indoor climate, this is the #1 best selling indoor ball. Made from a thicker plastic and larger holes, the bounce on these balls is great!

Starting At: $17.99