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Element Paddle (DISCONTINUED)
Element Paddle has a bold geometric design in four color options: red, blue, yellow or pink

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Element Pickleball Paddle

The Element Pickleball Paddle is one of the most popular paddles produced by Paddletek. Quite similar to the Phoenix Pro in terms of size, this lighter paddle will allow players to impart spin on their hits without losing any vital power. When the oversized hitting area is combined with the lightest possible weight, players achieve maximum maneuverability and quickness. This paddle features a polymer core specifically developed by the manufacturer for pickleball. Over the top of the core lies a fiberglass face, which is then finished by screenprinted graphics. The geometric design on the face of this paddle features the letter “P” in contrasting colors, as well as the words “element” and “paddletek”.

The Element paddle weighs 7.2 to 7.6 ounces, which classifies it as a middleweight paddle. Middleweight paddles tend to provide the best combination of weight and control. The 7-3/4” wide face gives players a respectable amount of hitting surface. The paddle has a total length of 15-5/8”, 5” of which is comprised of the handle. The grip has a medium circumference and is slightly cushioned. The Paddletek paddles have the smallest edge guard of any paddle manufacturer, it overlapping only 1/8” of the face.

Just one hit with the Element Paddle and there will be no question as to why this is such a well-loved paddle.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Video #1 - Leigh Waters
Video #2 - Jennifer Lucore
Video #3 - Curtis
Video #4 - Glen Peterson
PickleballCentral Expert's Corner:

Reviews of the Paddletek Element by Johnson Ranch Pickleball Club:

"I have used the Element by Paddletek for warm-ups and approximately 20 games now, and overall I have enjoyed using this paddle. It has a good, balanced feel and I really like its weight. While I consider it fairly light, I've found it's not the lightest I've ever used, and so it would be a good choice for someone whose game favors both dinks and smashes. Its weight also makes it good for reacting to harder shots while playing closer to the net. My favorite thing about the Element Paddle is the grip. The slim handle circumference was the first thing that I noticed when I picked it up as it was very comfortable for me to hold. The wrap used it just tacky enough to discourage twisting of the paddle during off-center contact shots without feeling sticky. This paddle has a somewhat smaller sweet spot and so I feel it would be most appropriate for more players to use. Finally, I liked the overall appearance of this paddle. Its graphics are bold and it has a symmetric shape to it. In summary, I liked the Paddletek Element a lot and could see myself making use of it again."
Kelsey (3.0 Player)

Paddletek Element Paddle Review

Staff and Friends Review the Element Paddle:

Transcript of Video #1 - Leigh Waters

Hi, I'm Leigh Waters. I live in Delray Beach, Florida and I currently use Paddletek's Element Paddle and the reason I love this paddle is, first of all, I have a two-handed backhand so I have a little extra room with the grip but my most favorite thing about this paddle is it gives me tremendous pop and power while still being able to control that power. Since power is my game, I love this paddle.

Transcript of Video #2 - Jennifer Lucore

Hey, it’s Jennifer Lucore and I’m in Naples, Florida and I’m loving my Element. I actually play with two paddles. This would be a 2nd one I have as an option, and it has a bit more power for me so I like it in singles. The weight I like best is 7.5 ounces because you want to keep your arm happy so don’t get it too heavy. Have fun with the Element.

Transcript of Video #3 - Curtis

Hi, this is Curtis with Paddletek, introducing the Element, which is our biggest seller. It is a 7 ½ ounce paddle, polypropylene fiberglass composite. What makes it special is that it has a large sweet spot, but is very forgiving outside the sweet spot. So if you do miss your sweet spot, you probably won’t even know. It’s a great paddle, give it a try.

Transcript of Video #4 - Glen Peterson

Hi, my name is Glen with PickleballCentral. Two of our favorite paddles here at PickleballCentral are the Paddletek Stratus and the Paddletek Element. The difference between the two paddles is the shape and the weight. These are fantastic paddles, both for beginners (because of the price) and for experts. Three things that I absolutely love about the Element and the Stratus paddles... The first is half-inch thick poly-carbonate. When I picked up this paddle for the first time at Nationals less than a year ago, I was amazed at the control as well as the power and the sound of the paddle. The sweet spot is very broad because of this half-inch thick poly-carbonate core. The core is covered by a fiberglass face and then with a vinyl surface top. The second thing I really like about this paddle is the weight. The Element weighs 7.5 ounces; the Stratus weighs about 7 ounces. That weight is ideal for maneuverability and speed at the net, while also providing balance and weight sufficient for great groundstrokes. The third thing that's nice about these paddles is that Paddletek guarantees this poly-carbonate core to last for at least five years. As I said, these paddles are great for beginners, great overall play, great control and power, both for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for experts. Jennifer Lucore, Dave Winebach, and Phil Bagley are all presently using the Element paddle. Thanks for visiting.

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5 of 5 October 13, 2019
Reviewer: Calvin Menegassi from Portland , OR United States  

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5 of 5 New paddle October 8, 2019
Reviewer: Dennis Lenahan from Indio, CA United States  
Nice paddle.  I especially like the grip

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5 of 5 Racket September 26, 2019
Reviewer: Lynn Montanaro from Harrington Park, NJ United States  
I have same racket and I like it

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5 of 5 Element Paddle September 24, 2019
Reviewer: Deb Miller from Brenham , TX United States  
The Element is a very good paddle. I love the feel I get and can hang with the bangers and the dinkers. It has given my game the sense of touch that was missing with my first paddle.

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4 of 5 Element Paddle September 19, 2019
Reviewer: JBS from Santa Fe, TX United States  
I am a brand new 65 year old lady pickleball player.  Never played any racquet sports of any kind.  The Paddletek Element paddle feels good in my hand , has a great grip, and looks nice.  Choose the Element because it is a middleweight paddle with a small-medium grip.  So far, so good.

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