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Pickleball goggles, eyewear, and glasses

Pickleball Glasses & Goggles

Protective eyewear not only can protect your eyes, it can help you see better during windy, sunny, or cloudy conditions. Our collection of goggles and glasses is designed to protect your eyes and improve your game. The eyewear found here have several useful features, including (but not limited to) UV protection, seemingly unbreakable lenses, classic tough frames or a wrap-around elastic band. Whatever your preference for sporty glasses may be, we have you covered! Your eyes will stay safe and comfortable when covered by these protective lenses.
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Tourna Specs Jet Eyewear Aviator Eyewear
Price $14.99

Price $16.99

Price $25.99

Tourna Specs Glasses -choose from blue, amber or clear lenses Jet Eyewear by Wilson, black frame Aviator protective Eyewear by Wilson, featuring adjustable sidearms for a secure fit.
See the pickleball even better with these eye-saving glasses. The lenses are made of a shatterproof polycarbonate. Lenses come in blue, amber or clear.
Compact, lightweight design with windshield styling and ventilation holes to prevent fogging. High-velocity impact resistance. The two way adjustable side arms help customize this piece to fit your face. You can elongate or reduce the length of the side arms to find the optimal size for you personally.
NVUE Eyewear
Price $44.99

NVUE Protective Eyewear by Wilson, green frames with adjustable sidearms
This eyewear item is the ideal eyewear for all faces. Adjustable side arms and nose bridge makes this eyewear the perfect fit. Vented for breathability and to prevent fogging.