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Wood Pickleball Paddles

These paddles are perfect for beginners and for those players seeking a very heavy paddle. When the sport was invented, wooden paddles and racquets were the first ones used by players. Over the years, the designs have improved with the use of higher-quality plywood material, better grips, and safety straps. They are very cost-effective, making them popular with schools, clubs, YMCAs, and a variety of recreational programs. We do not weigh our wood paddles, but most of these paddles weigh between 9 and 11 ounces with some even heavier.
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Swinger Wood Paddle Rally Meister Paddle Rally Meister Bundle - two wood paddles/four balls
Price $11.99

Starting at $13.99

Price $19.99

Swinger Pickleball Paddle-durable wood paddle with green checkerboard design, black handle wrap and wrist strap. The Rally Meister wood paddle is cut from white maple with a high quality perforated, black cushion grip. Colorful orange and blue graphics are protected with satin varnish. Rally Meister Bundle- includes two wood paddles with premium cushion grip and four indoor Jugs balls
This paddle is made from five-ply plywood with a light green checkerboard pattern on the face.

Heavyweight/Small Grip
This paddle is lighter than most other wood paddles and has a high quality cushion grip for increased comfort.

Heavy to Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip
Hurry, Sale ends soon.
This is a great option for those just starting with this sport. Two great wood paddles and four indoor balls.

Heavy to Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip
USA Diller Wood Paddle USA Diller Bundle-two wood paddles/six balls/bag Master Wood Paddle
Price $24.99

Price $29.49
Price $35.99

Diller Pickleball Paddle is a heavy wood paddle made from durable 7-layer plywood, wrist strap The USA Diller Bundle includes two wood paddles and six outdoor Dura balls, and orange drawstring bag. Master Wood paddle is a heavy wood paddle featuring a wide face and elongated handle.
Perfect for rec centers, this paddle is made out of seven layers of long-lasting plywood.

Heavyweight/Small Grip
Hurry! Sale ends soon.
Two wood paddles, six white outdoor balls, and drawstring bag. A great introductory set.

Heavyweight/Small Grip
These paddles have a tapered natural wood handle, ensuring a perfect hold on your paddle.

Heavyweight/Small Grip
Rally Meister Wood Paddle Deluxe Bundle - 4 paddles/6 balls
Price $67.99

Rally Meister Wood Paddle Deluxe Bundle- includes four wood paddles and six green indoor PickleballNow balls
Bundle includes four durable wood paddles and six indoor balls. This economical bundle will get you out on the pickleball court without breaking the bank.

Heavyweight/Medium Grip