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Viking Pickleball Paddles

Since it's inception in 1995, Viking has been a leader in the sport of platform tennis. In 2008 the company was acquired by Prince Sports, a subsidiary of Active Brands Company. Viking has continually offered innovative products to the platform tennis industry. They've created several types of platform tennis balls and new technologies for platform tennis paddles. Viking will bring innovations to the pickleball industry. They're focus is to provide athletic equipment that protects athletes and provides them with the most innovative, technologically-advanced products in the world.
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Viking Synergy Graphite Paddle Viking Re-Ignite Lite Pickleball Paddle Viking Re-Ignite Graphite Paddle
Price $69.99

Price $79.99

Price $79.99

From Viking, the Synergy is a quality paddle good for all levels of play from beginner to advanced, bears the Viking helmet design in blue, white and gray. Re-Ignite Lite Graphite paddle featuring gray Durasoft grip.  Black, orange and gray logo bears the familiar Viking helmet design. Re-Ignite Graphite paddle with black Durasoft grip in a fierce blue graphic featuring the signature Viking helmet logo.
This paddle provides effortless power, exceptional feel and great maneuverability. Ideal for new players.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
Lightweight graphite paddle features a large hitting surface for ultimate power and feel. For players with full strokes.

Lightweight/Medium Grip

With a large hitting area, this paddle features a graphite hitting surface for ultimate power and maneuverability

Middleweight/Medium Grip