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Poach Advantage Paddle
The Poach Advantage paddle by EngagePickleball-choose from two weights and four colors.

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Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle

The Poach Advantage is the first paddle to have a surface skin (or face) made up of an astounding 6 layers. While most paddles only use one or two layers, this proprietary "Variable Release" surface created by Engage creates incredible ball responsiveness and power while maintaining a very soft feel in touch shots. The texture of this paddle has been refined to provide exceptional spin while still meeting USAPA guidelines. Leveraging a unique unidirectional texture, the paddle gives players that use a top spin or backspin exceptional ability to "work" a ball.

Engage's Poach Advantage also brings innovation to the core under the surface layer. While the face of the paddle interacts with the ball and enables its to "work" a ball by helping add or reduce spin, the way the face interacts with the core determines if a paddle is a "power paddle" returning energy quickly to a ball or a "control paddle" absorbing energy and giving a softer touch. Engage's approach was to create a core that would behave differently under different swing speeds - their lead engineer calls it "Variable Release Technology". Our experience when testing it with our in-house pro validated this behavior giving power when you needed it, and soft touch when you worked on blocks and dinks. Unlike other cores that are "white" from the polypropylene, the chemistry used in this "poly core" renders the core black. Engage calls this the "Control Pro Black" core. The result is that they feel that the paddle is able to give a player the ability to almost "hold" (their words, not ours) pickleballs in place during slower shots for optimal placement.

The paddle is so exciting that almost all of the top Team Engage Pros have switched over to this new paddle. Players the likes of USAPA Nationals Gold Medalists Ben Johns and Corrine Carr have made the switch to the Poach Advantage.

The Poach Advantage comes in two weights, choose from "Lite" (7.5-7.8 oz.) or "Standard" (7.9-8.3 oz.) so you can choose to enjoy a balance between speed and power, or something with a touch more strength in its swing. It has a medium grip with a 5” handle length. The face width is 8” to provide a generous surface area and sweet spot. The design features a background with an overlaid target pattern. The paddle name is displayed on a strip of color near the lower third of the face.

The Poach Advantage is a highly innovative paddle that will allow players to improve their play through smooth handling and its reactive surface.

PickleballCentral Expert's Corner:
  • Review of the Engage Poach Advantage Paddle by Pickleball Station IPTPA Certified Teaching Pro:

  • "I get excited any time there is a new paddle coming out that players I respect are using. When I saw that Ben (Johns) and Matt (Staub) switched over, I knew I had to try this guy. I'm lucky - I get to play with any paddle I want - we stock 120 models, so I went out & hit some balls in some spirited play with some 5.0s on our courts. The first thing I noticed about this paddle is that it is an incredible defensive paddle. Blocking the ball (from any distance on the court) was super easy and natural feeling. Disarming a banger hitting a bullet at me felt easy and smooth. The sweet spot was very large, and consistent. Like most Engage paddles, it tends to be more of a power oriented paddle - so it was confidence inspiring when I went on the attack. The balance of the paddle caters to people who like a slightly head heavier design (the model I tested was 8.1 oz). Players coming from a tennis background or who play aggressive power games will love this paddle as it gives you all that power with an exceptional level of defensive control. I know I'm going to be recommending this a lot to intermediate and advanced players in my clinic and lesson programs.

    Peter H.
    IPTPA Certified Instructor & 5.0 Player

  • Reviews from Players at Johns Ranch Pickleball Group:

  • Brenda Nice (3.0): I enjoyed using the Poach Advantage for many reasons. The paddle I was using had a grip that suited my hand size and a weight I was accustomed to at 7.5 oz. Even though I don't consider myself a power player, I discovered that hitting a ball off the sweet spot felt effortless whether it was a power shot from the base line, an overhead smash or a controlled hit. It was easy to block shots because the ball reacted so well coming off the surface. I also found that the paddle surface made it easy to spin the ball. The size of the paddle face was a bit large for me, but it would be perfect for those power hitters who have a strong grip to control any balls that hit the edges. Overall, I liked the paddle and would recommend it to those who want to play an aggressive game without having to expend huge energy to get a great outcome.

  • Linda Hoxworth (3.5): The thing I liked the most about the Poach Advantage is the weight. I need to play with a light paddle but am also a power hitter. I found that I could just meet the ball on my ground strokes, yet my shots seemed to have lots of power. I loved that. This paddle is best suited for a player who is trying to play with power and control. It seemed to have a perfect balance of power, control and feel. The Poach Advantage inspired confidence with my dink shots. For me, they seemed easy and effortless, yet produced winning shots. I would rate it a 4 out of a possible 5.

  • Jim Hansen (4.0): I liked the most that this paddle gave me awesome control with the short game. It's very accurate with soft shots. This paddle is great for beginners due to its light weight and sweet grip. A grip of 4-1/4" is perfect. Every inch of this paddle is a sweet spot. I had confidence in dinks, volleys and definitely smashes. Easy to make great shots. The paddle is very well-balanced. I would give it a rating of 4 out of 5.

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Solid paddle September 18, 2018
Reviewer: Dianne Brazas from Brandon, FL United States  
I am very happy with my new paddle. I feel I can make good shots with it.  I’m not a spinner but you can tell it would work great for that.  One thing I have noticed is a lot less tennis elbow.  It seems to absorb a lot more shock than my other paddle.

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Unbelievable!! September 13, 2018
Reviewer: CONRAD BLEVINS from Batesville Arkansas  
I had been playing with a $30 paddle. I had won a 2.5 doubles tournament, but wasn't satisfied in the way my consistency was, hitting it out too many times, and not getting my third shot drop to drop. I picked up my paddle at the post office and tried it out this morning. Almost immediately people started saying Good Shot!, someone even said I was a monster. (I didn't tell anyone about my new paddle) I played approximately 8 games with different partners, and won all!! The control was much much better, and if I wanted to drop it just over the net, a soft hit was much easier to accomplish. It seemed like the top was heavier, but evidently it helped. My paddle is 8.1 ounces. The surface has sort of a grain to it, which seems to take some of the spin off a spinning ball so it will fly more accurately, or can be used to make the ball spin.

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Engage Poach Advantage Paddle September 12, 2018
Reviewer: JoAnn from Naples, FL United States  
Love the paddle. Easy on line purchase. Received item when promised.

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Great Paddle September 10, 2018
Reviewer: M Mathews from TX United States  
Overall a great paddle for control, power, and spin. Good feel around the handle too. I am a beginner level player.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
September 10, 2018
Reviewer: Roger Bunton from Durham, NC United States  

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