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Pickleball Posts

When you’re ready to permanently install a pickleball court, you’re going to need high-quality posts. Here you’ll find the choice between two types of pickleball net posts: regular and heavy-duty. Both models of posts are the correct height for playing pickleball but vary in thickness; the heavy-duty posts’ walls are 1/8” thicker than the regular posts. These reinforced posts are good for locations with poor weather conditions or for those who do not want to remove the posts. Keep in mind that the Heavy-Duty posts require the purchase of PVC sleeves while the regular posts have the sleeves included.
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PVC Sleeves-set of 2-with caps (for use with Heavy-Duty Wilson Net Post) Wilson Pickleball Posts Wilson Heavy-Duty Pickleball Posts
Price $24.99

Price $289.99

Price $379.99

Net Post Sleeves for use with Wilson Heavy-Duty posts Wilson Pickleball Net Posts for permanent court installation, choose from green or black color options Wilson Heavy-Duty Net posts are designed for permanent court installation, choose from black or green steel posts
Necessary for use with the Wilson Heavy-Duty Pickleball Posts. These net post sleeves and caps provide for quick and easy removal of posts in off-seasons or for court maintenance. For those players who want a permanent pickleball court, these Wilson Pickleball Net Posts are designed for a long-lasting setup. Does not include the required net for play. These posts are designed to withstand more harsh weather conditions made with highly durable steel material than the similar set of permanent post set. Does not include a net.