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Pickleball Machines

The Industry's Best Pickleball Drills & Training Machines from Sports Tutor and Lobster

Special Limited-Time Offer: Free Kollectaballs CS40 Collection Tool With Purchase of any Pickleball Machine - A $64.99 Value!

Pickleball Central sells more pickelball training machines than anyone because of three reasons: First, we guarantee the lowest prices. Second, we provide the industry's best customer service. And third, our knowledge of the machines is unmatched!

We are proud to carry pickleball machines from Sports Tutor and Lobster. When you click through to the product pages for the machines below look for the detailed product videos to help you learn more about each machine. The videos give you a closeup tour of each machine, and give you ideas for drills or practice scenarios.

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Lobster Pickle Ball Machine Pickleball Tutor Pickleball Tutor External Battery Pack
Price $899.99

Starting at $849.99

Price $195.00

Lobster Pickle Ball Machine, practice dinks, lobs and overheads with this ball machine The Pickleball Tutor will be your favorite practice partner.  Battery or AC powered models, 125-ball capacity will provide hours of drills. Choose from oscillating or non-oscillating models. Extend the battery life of your Tutor machine by 4-6 hours with this external battery pack.
FREE Ball Collector
Practice a variety of shots with this pickleball machine from Lobster Sports. Holds up to 135 pickleballs and can be used with indoor or outdoor balls.

Check out the product videos.
FREE Ball Collector
Portable pickleball machine features 125-ball capacity and speeds up to 50 mph. Oscillating or non-oscillating models. Battery or AC powered options. Battery model - 29 lbs, AC model 22 lbs.
For use with battery version of Pickleball Tutor Machine. External battery pack will add an additional 4-6 hours of run time.
Lobster External Battery Pack Lobster Elite Remote Control Lobster 3-AMP Premium Charger
Price $179.99
Price $169.99
Price $149.99
External Battery Pack for your Pickle Ball Machine allows longer play time. Remote Control for your Pickle Ball Machine allows you to change settings from a distance. Fast charge your Pickle Ball Machine in 3-6 hours with this charger.
Extend the amount of run time on your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine with this battery pack. Increases run time an additional 4-8 hours depending on settings. Change settings on your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine with this remote control. Owner installation required when purchased separate from machine. Charge your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine in 3-6 hours with this 3-amp premium charger.
Pickleball Tutor External AC Power Supply Lobster External A/C Power Supply Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector
Price $125.00

Price $119.99
Price $99.99

Turn your battery-powered Tutor into electric with the AC Power Supply External A/C Power Supply for your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine allows for continuous play when an outlet is available. Kollectaball K-Max Ball Collector - holds approximately 60 pickleballs
Plugs into an AC outlet to provide continuous operation for battery-powered Pickleball Tutors. Comes in a nylon carrying case. This allows you to run your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine continuously using a standard wall outlet. No more bending over to pick up pickleballs, simply roll around the court to collect up to 60 balls. Easily opens to empty balls.  Lightweight and durable.
Lobster 1-AMP Fast Charger Kollectaball CS40 Ball Collector Pickleball Tutor Weatherproof Cover
Price $99.99
Price $64.99
Price $50.00

Fast charge your Pickle Ball Machine in 9-18 hours with this charger. Kollectaball CS40 Ball Collector - holds approximately 40 pickleballs Keep your machine clean with this vinyl protective cover
Charge your Lobster Pickle Ball Machine in less time with this 1-amp fast charger. Cuts charging time in half. Make cleanup a breeze after drills and clinics with this handy tool, simply roll around the court to collect the balls. Holds up to 40 pickleballs.  Lightweight and durable. Keep your Pickleball Tutor Machine clean and shiny with this vinyl cover. Please note, this cover is not waterproof. Always store machine where it will not get wet.
Lobster Storage Cover
Price $49.99
Protect your lobster ball machine while in storage with this cover.
Keep your Pickle Ball Machine looking like new with this lined fabric cover.  Fits Lobster brand Pickle Ball Machine.