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Gloves for Pickleball

Pickleball Gloves

Get a grip on your game with these pickleball gloves. Some people like to use them in cold weather to keep their fingers and hands from being exposed to the elements. Itís tough to play with frostbitten fingers! Others prefer to wear gloves in warmer weather to help with grip in sweaty conditions - a slippery paddle makes it difficult to stay focused on strategy. In either case, gloves can be an important part of your pickleball gear collection. Donít pass up the wide selection we offer here.

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GloveIt Ladies Pickleball Glove Hot Glove Mitt Wilson Clutch Performance Glove
Price $24.95
Sale Price $4.99

Price $9.99

Price $10.99

GloveIt pickleball glove This special glove allows you to keep your hands warm while keeping a firm grip on your paddle. Wilson Clutch Performance Glove
Protect the hand you hold your paddle with by sliding on this fashionable pickleball glove. Your hand will stay shielded from callusing without sacrificing any of your style. Keep playing pickleball even in the winter with this ingenious fleece mitt. The grip of your paddle slides into a unique pocket in the glove to keep your hand away from the cold. Comfort Technology with extra padding on heel and fore finger to protect the life of your glove and make for a more comfortable grip.
Wilson Smoke Performance Glove Wilson Sting Performance Glove Max Tack Gloves
Our Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $11.99
Price $12.99
Price $34.99
Wilson Smoke Performance Glove Wilson Sting Performance Glove Max Tack Gloves - Lightweight performance glove with insulated stretch knit back. Sizes Small-XL
Premium peforated leather palm for improved grip and breatheability. Features heel padding on the palm side and add a comfortable feeling on the tightest grips. This glove features Cabretta leather for superior feel. Elastic wristband with Velcro tab closure provides the ultimate lock tight fit. Left hand only These gloves are lightweight featuring a suede leather palm embossed with a tacky design to offer superior traction and an elastic wristband for added comfort.
Polar Tack Glove
Price $34.99
Polar Tack Gloves, available in S, M, L, XL
No need to skip your court date on a cold day with these gloves.  They feature a sheepskin palm and fleece lining for extra warmth.