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Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Before they ever had a pickleball paddle to sell, brothers Cody and Curtis Smith were at the National Pickleball Tournament introducing players to their company and talking about paddles and how they were going to invent a new type of pickleball paddle that wouldn't have many of the issues that plagued other paddles. They lived up to the hype with their first line of Paddletek paddles. Their paddles have introduced a whole new way of the making pickleball paddles and a whole new standard in quality too. They offer an astounding five year guarantee against dead spots on their paddles. Paddletek pickleball paddles are constructed with a trademarked ProPolyCore. This core is what protects against core breakdown that leads to dead sports. They also claim this core dampens vibrations, making these paddles great for people with joint issues in their hands and arms. The core, and likely the vinyl decoration, contribute to these paddles being considered approved or "in the green zone" in communities with pickleball paddle noise restrictions.

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US OPEN Bantam EX-L Signature Series Bantam TS-5 Paddle Tempest Wave Graphite Paddle
Price $109.99

Price $89.99

Price $109.99

US OPEN Bantam EX-L Signature Series-signed by some of the top players who competed during the inaugural US OPEN in Naples, Florida. Bantam TS-5, choose from red, yellow, or blue geometric design Tempest Wave Paddle has a bold swirling design in three color options: red, blue, or pink
Limited-Edition designed for the 1st US OPEN. Signed by champs Kyle Yates, Dave Weinbach, Daniel Moore, Christine McGrath, and Laura Fenton.

Middleweight/Small Grip
A lighter weight and more maneuverable version of the popular Bantam EX-L will provide quicker speed at the net.

Light-Middleweight/Small Grip
This paddle has the popular polymer core from Paddletek along with a more responsive graphite face for great touch.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
Stratus Paddle Element Paddle Bantam EX-L Paddle
Price $74.99

Price $74.99

Price $89.99

The Stratus Pickleball Paddle available in four colors including black, blue, pink, red, and yellow. Element Paddle has a bold geometric design in four color options: red, blue, yellow or pink Bantam EX-L, choose from red/yellow, purple, or blue/green geometric design
This is a lighter weight paddle, yet still that familiar Paddletek size and shape. Great touch paddle.

Lightweight/Small Grip
This paddle provides the same stable power but is offered in lighter weight for better maneuverability.

Middleweight/Small Grip
The specialized core in this paddle provides more power, control and quieter play for the multi-talented player.

Middleweight/Small Grip
Phoenix Ultra II Paddle Phoenix Pro Paddle
Price $98.99

Price $79.99

Phoenix Ultra II Pickleball Paddle-choose from red, blue or black colors in this heavyweight paddle. Phoenix Pro Paddle features a vibrant colored vinyl surface. Choose from blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, turquoise, and black
This is the ideal paddle for the serious pickleball player. Heavy paddle with lots of power for a big hit!

Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip
This is a great paddle for the experienced player. It provides controllable power and 'touch' for perfect placement.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small Grip

Paddletek Co-founder Curtis Smith Introduces the Paddletek Company

Hi, this is Curtis with Paddletek. We’re a family owned company located in the great state of Michigan.

All of our paddles are made in the United States.

The one thing, or the two things that I hear most about our company when I speak to people is, one, they love the balance of power and control of our paddles and they really like that we stand behind our products. We have a one year warranty on our paddles and a five year no dead spot guarantee.

And whether you choose a Paddletek or not, we really want you out there playing the game because it’s no fun unless you play.