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Gamma Pickleball

GAMMA was well-respected in the world of tennis before they delved into pickleball. They were introduced to the industry through the sale of their extremely popular paddle grips, which have since been used in many other manufacturers’ designs. Once they saw how much of a call there was for innovative, durable paddles, they decided to throw their hat in the ring as well. After 9 months of intensive testing in the lab and on the courts, they released their first set of paddles, with their premium line bringing three new patent-pending features to the table. These paddles were so well-received that when GAMMA took them to tournaments, some of the professional players gave up their tried-and-true paddles for GAMMA’s new designs during the competition! For those seeking cutting-edge technology and a wonderful playing experience, GAMMA is the way to go. They offer a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee against workmanship defects for additional peace of mind.
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Gamma Micron Composite Paddle Gamma Fusion Widebody Composite Paddle Gamma Atomic Composite Paddle
Price 59.99

Price 69.99

Price 89.99

Micron Pickleball Paddle by Gamma Fusion Widebody Pickleball Paddle by Gamma Atomic Pickleball Paddle by Gamma
The Micron Composite is designed with a fiberglass face and aluminum core for superior touch and control.

Middleweight/Small Grip
This paddle is designed with an over-sized fiberglass face and aluminum core for superior touch and control.

Heavyweight/Small Grip
Paddle features patented Live Periphery Frame and Flush-Fit Bumper for an edgeless feel.

Middle-Heavyweight/Small Grip
Gamma Neutron Graphite Pickleball Paddle Gamma Voltage Pickleball Paddle
Price 99.99
Price 109.99

Neutron Graphite Pickleball Paddle by Gamma Voltage Pickleball Paddle by Gamma
This paddle offers a light weight and small grip making it easy to move quickly while playing the net.

Lightweight/Small Grip
This paddle features cutting edge technology providing a solid and durable paddle. Bring your game to the next level.

Middleweight/Small Grip

An Interview with Gamma at Nationals 2015

Here's a transcript of Chuck's interview:

I'm here with Chuck Whitmeyer of Gamma. Gamma is one of the new players in pickleball. Chuck, tell me, what is it that you've learned so far as you've gone from tennis into pickleball?

Well, first we've learned how massive people are into pickleball. This tournament in itself has been a learning experience. As far as product information, we've learned a lot of different things that pickleball players are looking at, with a variety of paddles ... That's something we look forward to developing.

So what is the biggest thing you've learned about paddle development that you want to implement?

Well, it seems to be that people want a quieter paddle. They want paddles that have power, they want paddles that have touch, and it's not unlike tennis strings, adjusting them until we get it right... we see the same similarities. It's just trying to get everything that everybody wants.

It's tough to make everybody happy... you're going to have to find the biggest group and go for them first. Do you have any ideas what the next step is for Gamma right now?

Well, we have a couple things in development. I think the first thing is going to be a quieter paddle. We also want to come out with one that has a bit more feel for the top players. It seems like that's what we're lacking right now and need to focus on in development.

Well, we look forward to whatever Gamma brings out.

Thanks Chuck.


Here's a transcript of the video: Hi, I’m Chuck Vietmeier, Product Manager at Gamma Sports. Gamma Sports is a family owned company based in Pittsburg, PA. We are mostly known as a tennis company, but now we are in the pickleball business. We have found that the sport is a thriving, growing sport and we wanted to be a part of it. We have developed a complete line of pickleball paddles, pickleballs, bags, grips and accessories. We are very excited to be in the business and we hope to be able to contribute and help the sport to grow.