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Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddles

The paddles shown on this page all feature advanced, lighter weight, aluminum cores. These aluminum honeycomb structures make the paddles very strong and give players fantastic feel. Aluminum cores are well-known for their outstanding “touch” at the net which gives players an extra edge of maneuverability and ball placement. This extra amount of control is due to the lightweight nature of aluminum material. However, not all aluminum cores are light paddles; several are in the upper-8 ounces. Take a look through our list of aluminum core paddles. We know you’ll like what you find.
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Champion Aluminum Core Paddle The Raven Oversized Widebody Pickleball Paddle Blaster 2 Alloy Paddle
Price $49.99

Price $54.99

Price $69.99

Champion Aluminum Core Paddle-colored logo and edge guard. Choose from riptide or ultraviolet Raven aluminum core widebody paddle from Engage is available in red, blue, green or purple Blaster 2 Alloy features a dynamic graphic in seven colors: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink and orange.
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This paddle has a classic paddle shape and an aluminum honeycomb core and fiberglass face.

Middleweight/Small Grip
Offers a large hitting surface and just the perfect mix of control and power. Choose from green, blue, red, or purple

Middleweight/Medium Grip
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This paddle combines an aluminum core and fiberglass face with the traditional shape beloved by many!

Lightweight to Middleweight/Small Grip
Cylon Edgeless Graphite Paddle Phantom Composite v2 Paddle Ultra Composite Pickleball Paddle
Price $69.99

Price $74.99

Price $84.99

Cylon Edgeless paddle features a polymer core and graphite face, choose from green or red. Phantom Composite Paddle, swirling two color design. Choose from black, blue, green, purple or red. The Ultra from Engage Pickleball is available in blue, red or purple fade.
Aluminum core offers great touch and plenty of power. Great paddle for players that are new to the game.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
This composite paddle is one of the heaviest from Onix Sports. Aluminum core is perfect for power, touch and control!

Middleweight/Large Grip
Lightweight aluminum core paddle with fiberglass skin for optimum control and touch. Choose from four colors.

Lightweight/Small Grip
Zen Graphite Paddle Matrix (2G) Graphite Paddle Poach Composite Pickleball Paddle
Price $89.99

Price $89.99

Price $94.99

The Zen Graphite Paddle symbolizes power. Available in five colors, premium ultra-cushion grip Manta Matrix featuring aluminum core and graphite face, choose from blue, green, or pink. The first dual core pickleball paddle, the Poach Composite Paddle
This graphite paddle features an aluminum core. It's a great touch paddle with lots of power!

Light-Middleweight/Medium Grip
You'll experience excellent touch and pop from this aluminum core paddle from Manta.

Middleweight/Small Grip
Next generation of pickleball paddles, dual-core aluminum honeycomb with fiberglass layer separating two cores.

Heavyweight/Medium Grip
Ultimate Composite Pickleball Paddle Phantom Graphite Paddle 300A Aluminum Honeycomb Core Graphite Paddle
Price $94.99

Price $99.99

Price $99.99

The Ultimate aluminum core paddle is available in red, blue, purple or pink. Phantom Graphite, choose from blue, red, green, white, yellow, purple or pink. Paddle features perforated cushion grip. Selkirk 300A Paddle displays the trademark "S" logo in bold design.
Get the ball control and feel you need in this aluminum core paddle. Designed to deliver power along with a softer feel.

Middleweight/Small Grip
This paddle is a little bit quieter than most other paddles. It has an aluminum core, which gives the paddle great touch.

Middleweight/Small Grip
$15 Off Closeout Colors
This paddle has a medium weight aluminum core with a wider playing area. Provides great touch.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
300A XL+ Plus Aluminum Honeycomb Core Graphite Paddle
Price $99.99

Selkirk 300A XL +Paddle displays the trademark "S" logo in four vibrant colors options.
All the same great features of the popular 300A, now with added weight for more power.

Middleweight/Medium Grip