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pickleball paddle reviews of our highest rated paddles

Our Highest Rated Pickleball Paddles

Use Actual Player Pickleball Paddle Reviews To Select Your Next Paddle

We collect thousands of pickleball paddle reviews each year from our customers, your fellow players. These paddle reviews can help tell you as much about a paddle as anything PickleballCentral or the paddle manufacturer can tell you. Our team decided to curate a category of just our highest rated paddles. In order for a paddle to make it onto this list, it had to meet three criteria. First, it needed to have a 5-Star Paddle Rating. Second, it needed to have at least 35 customer reviews so you could trust the reviews to give you unique insights into the paddle's performance. Finally, the paddle needed to be proven in the field for at least 6 months.
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Legacy Paddle Vintage Champion 1.0 Graphite Paddle Venom Paddle
Price $49.99

Price $49.99

Price $54.99

The Legacy Paddle was named in tribute to the birthplace of Pickleball, Bainbridge Island, Washington. Fresh new design. Vintage Champion 1.0 Graphite Paddle The Venom Paddle features a menacing scorpion ready to strike.  Choose from blue, red, green or orange.
Hurry, sale ends soon!
This is a classic shaped paddle with fiberglass face and Nomex core, perfectly balanced.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
While supplies last!
Vintage version of one of our top sellers, middleweight graphite paddle. Choose from thin or cushion grip.

Middleweight/Small-Medium Grip
Hurry, Sale ends soon.
This paddle features a long handle and a sleek design for increased power, control and finesse.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
Blaster 2 Alloy Paddle 200P Polymer Honeycomb Core Composite Pickleball Paddle Vintage Champion Graphite Series II Paddle
Price $57.99

Price $59.99

Price $59.99

Blaster 2 Alloy features a dynamic graphic in seven colors: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink and orange. The Selkirk 200P Polymer Honeycomb Composite Pickleball Paddle available in several vibrant colors. Vintage Champion Graphite Series II Paddle
Quantities limited, act fast!
This paddle combines an aluminum core and fiberglass face with the traditional shape beloved by many!

Lightweight to Middleweight/Small Grip
While Supplies Last!
This paddle has a great weight balance. Players looking for a little more power to their hits will appreciate the results.

Middle-Heavyweight/Medium Grip
Hurry, sale ends soon!
Vintage version of one of our top sellers, middleweight graphite paddle. Available in green, red, blue, purple or black. Choose from thin or cushion grip.

Middleweight/Small-Medium Grip
Champion Graphite 2.0 Paddle Element Paddle Z5 Composite Paddle
Price $69.99

Price $74.99

Price $79.99

Champion Graphite 2.0 Paddle, choose from Atlas Blue, Fire Red, Aurora Green or Solar Orange Element Paddle has a bold geometric design in four color options: red, blue, yellow or pink Composite Z5 Paddle with familiar "Z" graphic available in blue, red, green, yellow, black, orange, pink or purple
One of our all-time top sellers, middle weight graphite paddle, available in four color options

Light-Middleweight/Small Grip
This paddle provides the same stable power but is offered in lighter weight for better maneuverability.

Middleweight/Small Grip
This paddle provides power with a classic paddle shape. It features a tennis style grip and excellent workmanship.

Very Heavyweight/Small Grip
Phoenix Pro Paddle 300A XL+ Plus Aluminum Honeycomb Core Graphite Paddle Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle
Price $79.99

Price $84.99

Price $88.99

Phoenix Pro Paddle features a vibrant colored vinyl surface. Choose from blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, turquoise, and black Selkirk 300A XL +Paddle displays the trademark "S" logo in four vibrant colors options. The Encore Composite paddle by EngagePickleball-choose from several design options.
This is a great paddle for the experienced player. It provides controllable power and 'touch' for perfect placement.

Sale on 2016 Models.
All the same great features of the popular 300A, now with added weight for more power.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
The fiberglass hitting surface offers excellent ball control and provides the perfect balance of power and control.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
Z5 Graphite Paddle Bantam EX-L Paddle Bantam TS-5 Paddle
Price $89.99

Price $89.99

Price $89.99

Graphite Z5 Paddle, eye-catching design in eight colors options, black cushion grip Bantam EX-L, choose from red/yellow, purple, or blue/green geometric design Bantam TS-5, choose from red, yellow, or blue geometric design
These fantastic paddles have a classic shape and superior quality. Extremely popular with seasoned pickleball players.

Middleweight/Small Grip
The specialized core in this paddle provides more power, control and quieter play for the multi-talented player.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
A lighter weight and more maneuverable version of the popular Bantam EX-L will provide quicker speed at the net.

Light-Middleweight/Small Grip
Magnum Graphite Stealth Paddle Evoke Graphite Paddle (Teardrop Shape) Tempest Wave Graphite Paddle
Price $98.99

Price $99.99

Price $109.99

Magnum Graphite Stealth, displaying the flashy burst design players have come to love. Choose from six electrifying colors combinations Evoke Graphite Teardrop Shape is available in blue, red, green, purple or white. Tempest Wave Paddle has a bold swirling design in three color options: red, blue, or pink
Classic shape graphite paddle from one of the leading paddle manufacturers, ProLite Sports. Bold colors make this paddle an easy choice!

Lightweight/Medium grip
With outstanding performance on the court and wild colorful design, this paddle makes quite an impression.

Lightweight/Large Grip
This paddle has the popular polymer core from Paddletek along with a more responsive graphite face for great touch.

Middleweight/Medium Grip
Champion Bundle - two graphite paddles/six balls
Price $139.99

The Champion Bundle includes two graphite paddles and six outdoor balls.
Two graphite paddles and six outdoor balls. A great introductory set.

Middleweight/Small Grip

How Reviews Can Help You Select The Best Rated Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Central has over 15,000 reviews from real players.  We are fortunate that our customers LOVE pickleball, and as such, they love to help other players learn about the equipment they use.  There are over 15 paddles on this page, and each of these paddles averages over 100 reviews.  You will see a wide variety of paddle types, from almost all of the major manufacturers.  These are the highest rated models from each company, proven in the field for months and years. Read through the small abstract below each paddle to learn a bit more about that model, and click through to read the actual ratings and reviews from our customers.  Many of the paddles will also include videos from players collected at tournaments, or additional information crafted by our in-house playing staff.  We hope you enjoy the reviews, and hope they help select the best possible paddle for your style of play!